Friday, 26 December 2008

UK Tour : with Blaze Bayley!

Well, as we come towards the close of 2008, with our final run of 3 gigs, tonight at Brewery Tap, Bradford, tomorrow at Hark To Towler, Bury & NYE at the White Hart, Burnley, we're set to finish the year on a high with our latest news :-

Fury UK is to support the former Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley on his UK tour in May/June 2009. The details are already entered on our gig listings at & There's 24 dates in-all starting 1st May & ending 27th June, across Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Southampton, Swansea & many more. The length & breadth of England & Wales. Our good friends & label-mates Decadenze are playing the Scottish leg of the tour in Dumfries, Aberdeen & Glasgow.

We've played 4 gigs with Blaze Bayley before & always had a great time in such cool company, also making new friends & fans along the way. This is a fantastic opportunity for us, with this UK tour booked & ready for our 2nd album "VR" due in May.

As bassist Luke says "I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of this tour involving a legend like Blaze Bayley & can't wait to get started". That sums it up. What an end to a fantastic year for us, thanks so much to everyone who has supported, helped, promoted us along the way. Roll on 2009!

Again, Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you all.

Fury UK

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank you Macclesfield!

We're on a roll it seems towards the end of what has been an amazing year for the band & last night was no exception with a fantastic reception from fans at the Nag's Head, Macclesfield. If the truth be told we encountered a few small technical difficulties behind the scenes but that seemed not to detract from the appreciation from the audience & in fact our own enjoyment of the gig. Bloody great! We played late, doing 2 encores, finally coming off stage at around 1.00am if our tired memory is correct. It was brilliant to see so many faces from our previous 2 visits & we also appreciate those of you that took the trouble to travel some distance to get to the gig, especially Craig who we know now from one of our Blaze Bayley supports in Stoke & of course, Rock of Ages Fest in Birmingham. After these recent gigs we're looking forward to the remaining end-of-year shows even more. Hope to see you at :-

Whittles, Oldham. 21st Dec.
The Brewery Tap, Bradford. Boxing Day.
Hark To Towler, Bury. 27th Dec.
New Years Eve. The White Hart, Burnley.

Fury UK

Dark Christmas

Last Tuesday (16th December) we played the "Dark Christmas" event at the Music Box, Manchester & had a blast. We were in great company with 3 excellent bands taking the stage before us :- Hellfighter, Seven Years Dead & Incassum. Huge thanks to each band for playing & for contributing great performances towards this night. It was also very cool to see so many people there on a wet, dark, Tuesday in December - a real result. Particular mention to Mad Ian & Josi from Hard Rock Radio Live, Stefan Burke from Guestlist Music, Alexander Walsh from Pulp Magazine & in fact everyone there, way too many to mention in this blog! Big thanks also to Rock Radio 106.1FM for co-presenting "Dark Christmas". Did someone suggest "Dark Christmas 2" in 2009 - "Santa's Revenge"? Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!..........

Monday, 15 December 2008

Thank you Blackpool!

Hi all! 

We've just done 2 amazing gigs in Blackpool. Saturday at the King Edward VII (the King Eddy to those that know it well) & then Sunday at the Big Blackpool Toy Run charity event held at The Stanley. Thanks to all who came down to these shows & especially to Pat & Kay for helping spread the word about the band since our Blackpool debut at the Royal Oak a few months back, Nina & Tyler for booking us at the King Eddy & also to Ali for booking us for the Toy Run.

We loved both these gigs & look forward to booking some more Blackpool shows for 2009 after the new album's ready.

By the way! .... we've now added a New Year's Eve show to our end-of-year commitments, so here's the run-in :-

16th : "Dark Christmas", Music Box, Manchester
19th : Nag's Head, Macclesfield
21st : Whittles, Oldham
26th : Brewery Tap, Bradford
27th : Hark To Towler, Bury
31st : White Hart, Burnley

Looking forward to these gigs indeed! Hope to see you all at Dark Christmas & beyond........

Fury UK

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Update from Fury UK "HQ"

Hi everyone, just thought we'd give a little summary of what's going on from our "headquarters" & a reminder of what's to come!

We're currently seeing out our end-of-year gig commitments which sounds a bit downbeat but the reality is far from that! The very next gig is a corker, this coming Saturday 29th Nov, at the Queen's Hall, Nuneaton with our great friends Beholder. Expecting a packed house there & can't wait, it's our debut at the venue & a great line-up.

As well as our return to familiar territory at Bootleggers, Kendal on 4th December, we have a Blackpool weekend with a debut at the King Edward VII on 13th December, then we headline the Big Blackpool Toy Run charity event the following day at the Stanley. Awesome!

Perhaps our biggest event in this end of year run, is the Dark Christmas event on 16th December, at the Music Box, Manchester, featuring also 3 other brilliant bands - Incassum, Seven Years Dead & Hellfighter. We think this is an ace line-up for £5 & we hope to see many of you there. It's a 14+ event. Tickets available from Ticketline or from each of the bands direct.

Just before Xmas we then return to the Nag's Head, Macclesfield (19th Dec) & Whittles, Oldham (21st Dec), before finishing off our year with the festive spirit on Boxing Day at the Brewery Tap, Bradford & our now traditional visit to Hark To Towler, Bury between Xmas & New Year (27th Dec).

We have to admit our minds are turning very quickly towards the recording of our new album & we start recording immediately after the Xmas/New Year break. We're looking for something very special with this next record & the writing of all songs is virtually complete, just a few arrangements to put the finishing touches to & we're ready to roll. We have a clear concept for the new album - expect heaviness, progressive influences, space & we continue also our taste for light & dark as there are undoubtedly some quieter moments in between the mayhem! We're taking January & virtually all of February off the road to work on the album & get a bit of rest then hit the gigs again big time after that. Look at the gig schedule at & you'll get the picture. More details to come soon.

That's it for now. More to come very soon & hope to see you out there on the road during these next few weeks!


Fury UK

Monday, 17 November 2008

Helloween ball : Review

Heres a review from Stefan Burke at of the Helloween ball....... to read the whole review please take a look at their web site.....

"FuryUK, who should really be called ‘The Chris Appleton’ experience - Chris is an exceptional guitarist who could easily give the Dragonforce guys a run for their money with his elegant Satriani-esque riffing, but when he’s the lead vocalist as well it just unfair to the other two guys."

Monday, 10 November 2008

The Boulevard, Wigan : 15th Nov

We make a very welcome to the Boulevard, Wigan this coming Saturday. Joining us also this time are our guests from South Wales, Blind Ambition. We usually enjoy our trips to the Boulevard, nice basement room & stage etc. Here's the detail! :-

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Dark Christmas : The Music Box : 16th December

Details confirmed for this event with what we think features some of the very best Manchester bands around. We're bloody chuffed to be playing alongside these guys & reckon it'll be a cracking night. 

Tickets to be available via Ticketline soon & also from the bands.

Hope to see ya there!!!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Helloween Ball: 29th October

Last Wednesday it was the Helloween Ball. This was an awesome night with bands such as: Babylon Fire, Decadenze, Liquid Theory, & Code Zero. Each band was pretty awesome, with their own style -  Babylon Fire had a very Heavy Metallica theme, & Liquid Theory were Progressive Metal a bit like Dream Theater/Megadeth. All cool!

This night was fancy dress night so we had lots of weird & wonderful zombies, ghosts, werewolves & witches roaming around the venue. It was interesting to play a set in front of this crowd!

We were visited by a lot of friendly faces that we've met before - DJ Moonlight from JFL Radio, who was dressed impressively as a witch, accompanied by Uncle Fester from Adams Family.It was also Moonlight's birthday so pretty cool she decided to spend the evening with us. Also we had good friends all the way from Oswestry - thanks Carol, Nigel & Dan.

A great gig and the crowd was 200+ which made for a cracking atmosphere, & each band got a great reception.

After the show we all were pretty tired, sweating and unhealthy, much needing a drink. Unfortunately we the bar was closed by this time so we couldn't cool off quite as well as usual. The van was a little unhealthy on the way home shall we say?!!

The finale to the night was when we were packing the gear away & Rick from Babylon Fire managed to get stuck in the lift. It was pretty funny unless you're Rick of course :). The venue called the Fire brigade which as well as rescuing Rick seemed to keep our Fury UK merch girls quite happy. All in a nights work around here eh?!!

Thanks a lot to everyone who turned out to this one. It was everything we'd hoped for with the fancy dress, atmosphere, friends & fun. Cool stuff! 

CYA soon!


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bannermans in Scotland: 15th October

Last week we went down to Bannermans which is in Edinburgh, Scotland. We had a cracking night playing along side bands such as: Killheathen, Firebrand Super Rock, and our friends from Norway called Toxic. Every single band was excellent, and they were each slightly different genres, so it was a dream gig come true.

We set off in the early hours in the morning, and we had a long drive ahead of us, i think it was about 4 or 5 hours we drove for, hehe not gd but we all had a gd sleep in the car. Half-way there we needed to stop, we all need food, unfortunately we got separated so it was just me, Mark & Lynne in the car. We managed to find the king of food itself KFC! Yum : ). I actually found a frozen chip so it wasnt the best start to a KFC lol

We arrived in Scotland and we met up with Toxic. Toxic are also doing a 2 week tour with Killheathen. We checked into our hotel room at the Travel Lodge and had a quick break or sleep we should say. lol.

We all got up and get ready for our long walk down the road haha. That was the good thing the venue was only 2 minutes walk from our travel lodge lol. When we arrived we met up with Killheathen and had a good chat about the gig. Then we noticed that this venue also does food, and it just turned tea time so we were delighted to hear that food was ready for us haha. A big Bacon & Cheese Burger haha, oh i was excited. :D

Also a special guest appeared all the way from Newcastle, called Simon Colling from NE1 FM Radio, juts to watch the bands and he was amazed with the turn out and loved each band.

After the gig we were all very warm, and i must say all bands played an amazing show. Finally it was time to go and get sum sleep, but most of us didnt go bk to bed it was only me, Mark & Lynne who went. The rest of Toxic, Fury UK, & Firebrand Super Rock went to a night club, hehe who knows wot they got up to haha.

Well that was my first Scottish date and i hope it wasnt the last one, cos i miss the Iron Bru and JD lol it is the nicest thing ever haha

Cya round guys thanks for reading


Sunday, 12 October 2008

UK Tour w/ Core of Nation: Part 2: 25th - 28th September

This is the final Tour blog that i will do now, this will finish up on all the dates that we performed with Core of Nation.

On the 25th September, We set off to Liverpool with some of our old friends tagging along, Alan, & Linda who have been following the band for some time now, and have grown to be some great fans & friends. Also Cocker the Rocker who first met us at an AC/DC convention and has followed the band ever since. Cocker the Rocker has also brought some of his friends like Samson who is a great guy and good o have a chat with, and Bruce Dickinson haha now i bet your all wondering is it the real Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, but no we just think he looks like him very much, and we always like it when he has a little sing with us haha. So, we set off to Liverpool for again another long drive, these roads never end when your on tour. We arrived at the venue and things were looking good. Unfortunately for Chris he had an extra spicy Curry for tea that night, and it all came back in a hurry so Chris was in the toilets half of the night haha. Anyway, we all had a sound check and we had plenty of time to spare, so half all of Core of Nation apart from Damma went to get something to eat, and me, Chris, Martin, Damma & Mark stayed in and watched the gear.

We were all sat down having a good chat and waiting for the bar to open. As soon as the bar opened Martin, Chris & Mark rushed off haha. So it was just me & Damma left alone hehe. We got in a sarcastic fight after a while hitting jokes against each other haha, the last one i said was that your a swedish dwarf, but then Damma looked all upset then i was like oh im sorry Damma i didn't mean any harm at all, but suddenly he jumped on me, i had a little Swedish guitarist jumping on me with his big beard lol.

Later on the night the gig had finished and we all heard lots of noise outside, we were all very curious and we took a look when we went to pack all the gear away. Suddenly swarms of hot girls every where, i was in the best heaven ever. Core of Nation mouthes dropped haha. Short skirts and thongs showing ; )

The next day we headed off to Doncaster to play the Hallcross Rock Bar. We have been to this venue many times and have went down very well. But we are usually a bit scared of the owner Gary who is a bit crazy haha, but he is a great laugh and treats us very well.

We were all very tired and yet again we had another 2 hour drive to Doncaster. Alan & Linda also came with us that night. But we had our 2 of our best roadies aswell Mike & Nick, who love to have a drink now and then. When we arrived at the Hallcross we met our good friend Mick who was taking pictures for us at the gig. We met up with Annette, Bo, & Catt who we have known for quite some time now. After the show we were all having a laugh Alan, Nick, Mike, Mick all pissed out of their minds, suddenly it all went silent then Alan went crashing onto the floor.

We began our set and we played for 1 - 2 hours, we were exhausted haha. It is a hell of a lot of fun though. We were all sleeping over that night, and the last time we slept over in Doncaster it was alot of excitement haha. We actually found the original Nintendo, but unfortunately the wires were snapped in half haha. We also found some miniature shoes which looked like the Seed of Chuckys shoes. Haha we were even more scared lol. It was a haunted room.

The next morning it was another early start to set off to The Fox in Oswestry. But sadly Linda & Alan had to go home for work. The rest of us made our way to Oswestry. Another pretty long drive, id say it was 2 or 3 hours. It was very close to Wales.

We finally arrived at The Fox, we were extremely tired and sweaty. So we unpacked all the gear and thought we'd get cleaned up at our Travel Lodge. We have been to the Fox one time before, and we had a brilliant gig last time, and it was the same this time. This was also our last gig of the tour, we were very upset to see Core of Nation leaving, but first we had to celebrate on that night which we all will remember for the rest of our career. This was a special night because at the end of Core of Nations set we had a huge Jam session. At times it was Me, Rickardo, Martin & Rolf. Other times where it was Chris, Martin, & Rickard. Others where it was Me, Hank, Damma, Chris, & Rolf. Like i said this was a night we would never forget.

After the Jam we met up with some radio hosts such as DJ Moonlight from JFL Radio & Claire from Oswestry Surround Sound. They were great people and they also did a radio interview with us. We were very pleased that they enjoyed both bands. We were mainly happy for Core of Nation because they came all they way from Sweden and each venue they played they got a hell of a response.

Finally the night had ended, we all returned to our Travel Lodge with a fan called Kate, we met her once before the last time we were at Oswestry. So we had a few drinks with her and thrown a huge party at the Travel Lodge. Again this was a night we`ll never forget. Rickardo also brought a little Cigarette holder which was made into a Amplifier so me and him has a little jam in our room.

The next morning it was time to go back to Manchester and say our final fare wells to Core of Nation. We were all sad to see them go, but we promised that we will be doing this again very soon. We went to the airport with Core of Nation and said bye 1 last time.

On a final note we would like to thank everyone who attended the shows on the Tour, all our fans & close friends who supported us along the way, the Road Crew for doing an excellent job at lifting gear, all the radio hosts that came to the shows, to all the venues and pubs that let us play, to Rocksector records for making all of this happen, and finally to Core of Nation who played excellent at all of the shows and never stopped trying. We will miss you guys, and hope that you will be successful in the future.

We this is the last blog on the tour, i hope you guys have enjoyed everything ive said and took in what Fury UK do on tour. Ive learnt what they do, and i love every second of it.



Saturday, 11 October 2008

Rock247Online Radio : Interview & acoustic session

8th October, Wednesday morning & we headed down to Tamworth, near Birmingham, in horrendous traffic (mainly at the Manc end of things) to call in at the Rock247Online radio studio. We were booked in to do an interview/co-host & acoustic session with our excellent mate DJ Payney. His show The Daily Pain goes out each weekday at 11.00am-2.00pm.

First of all got to say big thanks to our host, Payney, who made us totally welcome. The whole thing went really fast & was an absolute blast. We had a great laugh & talked some sh*te along the way we're sure but all good fun. Was also a pleasure to meet the man behind the scenes, station owner Simon who also a cool dude. Many thanks also Simon firstly for operating such a cool station & secondly for letting Payney put the likes of us on the show!

The acoustic session went well. We've listened to it afterwards & sounds pretty good. Martin, complete with DIY shakers & a set of bongos which in honesty we found lying round the studio! Chris & Luke of course playing the acoustic guitar & bass awesomely provided by Cort under the endorsement arrangement. Big thanks to Roger, our contact on behalf of Cort, for his support as always.

Hopefully, we'll be able to edit & put out some of the acoustic material one day soon so those of you that missed get a chance to take a listen. Here's a few piccis to be going on with.

Fury UK

Winners of Rock Radio Scotland "Future Classics"

Many of you will remember that back in June we were the very first winners of Rock Radio Manchester's "Future Classics" award & we were interviewed by DJ Paul Anthony on his show & he played our track "Salvation". Well, we're delighted to say the band has now won the Rock Radio Scotland "Future Classics" this week (ending Friday 11th October). "Salvation" was again the chosen track receiving airplay on DJ Tom Russell's show.

It's an honour really to be the first band to have won both the Manchester & Scotland "Future Classics" & thank you to everyone that voted for us & to Rock Radio for putting us forward.

It's great also that we're up in Edinburgh, Scotland this coming Wednesday (15th October) to play as a part of Toxic's Tour of Fear, also joined by our excellent friends Killheathen & Firebrand Super Rock. The venue is Bannerman's & doors are open 8.30pm.

Fury UK

UK Tour w/ Core of Nation: Part 2: 22nd - 24th September

So the following morning after the Bedford Park Hotel show, Damma, Rolf, Chris & Martin went off to do a radio interview with DJ Catbird at Total Rock Radio, which went very well for the boys. Big thanks to DJ Catbird for that also for coming to the Purple Turtle show later that same day, together with DJ B1 from Braingell Radio who also came to the show with his partner G. Awesome! Meanwhile this left Me, Mark, Rickard, Rickardo, Hank & Nicklas, to pack all the gear up from the venue. But whats a morning without a breakfast haha. While we were eating our big full english breakfast, Hank came down with his Monkey business shirt on haha, which was just perfect lol.

Anyway, later on we arrived at the venue, all tired sweaty and stinky, btw on tours you dont really have that much time for a shower so its just 5 or 6 fully grown men all sweaty and stinky imagine that haha. Well apart from me i always make time for a shower haha :). We lugged all the gear in the van and we set off to Camden, to play at a venue called The Purple Turtle. It was a long drive, about 2 or 3 hours.

Finally, we arrived in Camden and unloaded all the gear once again. When we went in the venue we were amazed, it was a huge, great, venue. With a slight jungle theme to it. We were all excited, mainly because there was a cute bar maid hehe You guys should know me by now i like my women haha. After we unpacked all the gear into the venue, we made a quick stop at our Hostel. Haha it sounds lethal that. "HOSTEL" thats what it was called the place where we were staying over night. I was very scared because ive seen the movie Hostel, so never go into a Hostel if youve seen the movie haha. But it was good because again we had a Hot looking girl in the same room as us. For those of you that dont know wot a Hostel is its a Hotel where strangers share the same room with each other. So yer it was pretty good when you women in the same room. ;)

Later on we met back up with Damma, Rolf, Chris & Martin, and we set off to the Purple Turtle which was only round the corner of where we were staying over night. The gig was awesome, we played along side a local band called Cavalar who were top, they had a great singer, and the drummer was on fire. Core of Nation were top of their game as usual. Never seen them have a bad gig and i think we had a pretty gd set aswell, if i do say so myself hehe. Later we returned to the hostel with some take away Hot chicken and chips, how tasty lol. Then it was time for some sleep.

The next morning it was another early wake up call by the boss ( Mark ). We had to get off early to the Yorkshire House in Shrewsbury. We have never played here before so it will be a gd first timer. We got to the venue and it looked really good, it was a complete rock theme goin on the walls, and they had ACDC wallpaper, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth. I felt like i was in heaven. When we got all set up we were ready to play, we were really excited and ready, there was something about the venue that made us know that it was going to be a good night. When Fury UK started playin 2 hot blondes caught my eye, and i was in luck haha. After the show we got talkin hehe well i wont say more now haha. It was a very gd gig and we all made some new fans and sum new friends ;).

As soon as we finished playin we had to rush off back to manchester as we were going to play Grand Central the night after. So another long drive home lol. The night had come when we were in Manchester, setting up to play. We had yet again a very gd sound and a gd gig. Core of Nation were especially gd this time one of the best ive seen them play. After the show we chilled out for a while. We had a chat with the manager Tony, had a drink or 2, and terrorized Hank lol. Me, Mike ( who is our roadie ), Chris & Martin, love to have a little fun with Hank. Hehe just a little game we play. Also our radio friend Josi came along with her 2 South African friends. They were all a great laugh and was very happy to see them. Thank you for comin Josi!

Finally the time had come where we were kicked out of Grand Central and sent home haha. We had a really good gig, we always love playing Grand Central because the atmosphere is brilliant. This is the 2nd out of 3 blogs i am doin for you guys on the UK Tour. So 1 more to go after this. So p[lease check out the next one soon.



Wednesday, 8 October 2008

UK Tour w/ Core of Nation : Part 1 : 17th - 21st September

Well we are still recovering from the 2 weeks of touring with our Swedish friends Core of Nation.

Wednesday 17th September Core of Nation arrived in the UK. Me, Chris and Mark ( Manager ) were all waiting patientlly for them to arrive. Suddenly me & Chris thought of making a special surprise for the drummer of Core of Nation : Hank. So we decided to make him a big sign saying "We love you Hank" (big joke from last. Finally they arrived, and Hank was ecstatic haha. We all gave him a big hug, then he was very scared haha. That evening we decided to celebrate by going to an Indian restaraunt in Whitefield. Core of Nation loved every second of it, and enjoyed meeting us once again. We made them feel right at home. After the meal Core of Nation returned to their Travel Lodge.

Skipping a few days where Core of Nation were playing with other bands such as Breakdown & Babylon Fire, then Fury UK & Core of Nation were on their way to London. So we had an early start in the morning, the time was about 6 or 7 AM. Which never goes down well with our drummer Martin, he likes a good lie in. hehe. As soon as Core of Nation arrived, we had to leave ASAP. There's only 3 seats in our van, so that was Mark, Chris and Martin. So i had to drive along with Core of Nation, which was a very brave and funny thing to do haha. So let me introduce Core of Nation, there is Rolf, Damma, Hank, Rickard and Rickardo. As soon as i fastened my seat belt, Core of Nation started teaching me Swedish. The first thing they taught me was how to order a Pint. But unfortunately i forgot how to say it haha. But the one saying that they did teach me was "ARMGNOG" this saying i dont think any woman should know haha. Anyway, half way to London we needed to stop for some food and bathroom break. So it was time to torture Hank haha. If anyone doesnt know already Hank has a very big Homophobic issue, so as soon as he told us we were all over him, just to scare him a little haha. We had our little break then we set off to London for the next 2 hours. Well at least we thought it was going to be 2 hours the whole trip was 8 hours long. When we arrived in London we could hardly stand. Oh before i forget Core of Nation also brought a friend called Nickolas. Who was having a beard contest with Martin. But Martin had a slightly longer one haha. We finally arrived in London, and didnt have time to check into our Travel Lodge so we rushed to the gig. The gig took place at the Bedford Park Hotel. It was a good place and a good venue, we had a desent crowd and both bands made some new friends.

After the gig we packed all the gear up and went back to our Travel lodge, it was time for sleep. So we said night night to Hank and went to bed. Haha.

The following morning Chris, Martin, Damma, & Rolf went to go do a radio Interview at Total Rock, meanwhile the rest of us had to get all the gear and set off to Camden.

So stay tuned guys cos i will be explaining the rest of our exciting tour with the next blog. Cheers


Saturday, 4 October 2008

Fury UK planning new album for 2009

Fury UK planning new album for 2009. Recording sessions are scheduled for the beginning of the year & it's expected the album, which as yet is untitled, will feature brand new material as well as some of the best songs from previous demo CDs.

Fury UK headline the Helloween Ball

Fury UK are to headline the Helloween Ball at The Met Theatre, Bury, on 29th October, with an excellent line-up completed by Babylon Fire, Decadenze, Code Zero & Liquid Theory. Tickets are available from the Met Theatre box office or direct from any of the bands.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Rock of Ages : Review

 Rock of Ages review: Mayfair Mallzine 

Mayfair Mallzine have a review online of the Rock of Ages Fest , which took place at the Asylum in Birmingham on 6th and 7th Sept!

"The band simply ripped the roof off the building with a fantastic display of no holds barred metal".... read the full 2 day review from Little Linda, a few surprises in there about the festival and 20 bands who gave their time up to raise funds for Cancer research ...

.... thanks Linda for the awesome review, see you next year in Swansea!

Heres the Link

Monday, 15 September 2008

Bloodstock review

Cracking review of the Saturday @ Bloodstock, by Live4metal. We feature roughly half way down the page. Thx guys! Glad you enjoyed!

"The applause per person ratio was deserved and as good as many bands were to receive – lets have them back and on the main stage, this performance warrants that"

To read the full review go to

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cricketers 13th September

Last night we were gigging at the Cricketers in Shaw, which went down pretty gd. It wasnt the biggest crowd ever but it was still a gd night and a good response.

A few hours before the gig started me, and sum of the FUK Crew went out shopping. Which was the most fun i never want to have again haha. We went off into Bury lookin for sum new t-shirts for me, but we ended up buying me a new belt which looks awesome, if i do say so myself haha. And also we bought me sum new Playboy Boxers. ;) Just for the ladies hehe. Special thanks to Mattie from the FUK Crew for pickin them out.

Later on we set off to the Cricketers, me Crazy Mike, and Zofo who is our head merch girl. We were travelling to pick Mattie up, but then half way to the Cricketers noticed that we forgot to pick him up haha, he was not amused. oh well. we had to do a quick u turn and go get him, after all he did do all the personal shopping today!

We finally arrived at the Cricketers, and then began to unload all the gear, we met up with some new & old friends.Thanks to everyone who came from the Well and Whittles. Then we hit the stage, and had a great set, also we had lots of new friends head banging for us which was awesome. Very Cute dancers ;) Couldn't wait to meet em hehe. At the end of our set we were chanted to do an encore, & I decided to do an an epic bass solo, it went down pretty well. Almost forgot to mention Martin did about a 15 min drum solo, showing off his Bonham, Powell, and jazz stuff, it was incredible, but very sweaty (the night was one of the hottest of the summer,and very sticky, but the venue supplied us with a huge fan which was on my side of the stage... awesome)

So it was a pretty kwl gig, i enjoyed it very much. Dint get home till 3am yawn.... This was also our last gig before the UK Tour with Core of Nation and also we're appearing with Firewind on 20th (next Saturday )at Rios in Leeds.

So we`ll hopfully cya guys at one soon.

Cheers guys


.... almost forgot! .... we've been confirmed to headline the Helloween Ball at The Met Theatre, Bury on 29th Oct. Awesome line-up with Babylon Fire, Decadenze, Code Zero & Liquid Theory. Tickets available from the bands or the Met Theatre, £5 each. Fancy dress!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rock of Ages 2008

Hey guys, well were back from Rock of Ages, and i must say we had an amazing time. The gig took place in Birmingham at a venue called The Asylum.

We set off on Friday 6th September, so we could have a chill out watchin the bands.
We had a long drive for about an hour and a half or so, and managed to get lost many times on the way haha. We arrived at the Travel lodge to drop our sleeping gear off, and have a break. Then we set off to the Asylum with all our road crew along side. Btw cheers for all the ppl who came especially Crazy Mike,as it was his birthday on Saturday, and who also got totally drunk all weekend haha. Pretty funny. Happy Birthday doode. We stayed all day at the Asylum watching the bands. There were many bands that i took interest to, like Burn who were my fav band for the weekend, really gd Progressive Metal. So good they even got me up head bangin haha U gotta love em.Waysted.... well were Waysted ....what did u expect but cud still belt out some crackers. The Tygers of Pang tang headlined and were gud also. Beholder who opened the day were really heavy and suited the dark atmosphere of the venue. THE dark blue walls really felt like u were in an asylum , the bar staff were dressed as crazy doctors and nurses who we all had our pics took with LOL( drool drool)

Later on that night we all returned to the Travel Lodge,( we had to hire all the taxis from the local taxi rank as so many peeps came with us from manc and we all wamted to get drunk so left our cars back at the lodge) and it was time to party haha :). We all settled in to our room, where i shared with ma best mate Matty and our drummer Martin, then all of the Road Crew, Fuk crew, band and fans gathered to Crazy Mikes room and surprised him with a huge Caterpillar birthday cake, with candles haha, a little silly for a 19 year old but he didnt complain when he was eating it haha. I sure did have my share :D.some interesting peeps arrived in slippers, and others in pajamas( didnt know it was a slumber party) Finally it was the end of the night or shud i say the start of the morning haha, so it was time for some sleep, knowing we had a big day on Sunday.

Sunday morning came and i dont think any1 could be bothered opening their eyes haha, but unfortunately we had to be out of the hotel by 12. So me Johnny and Emily who were also part of the Road Crew went down for big big breakfast. Its every mans dream to get a nice full english breakfast in the morning. We also met up with some more of the Crew, Alex, Ashleigh, Jordan, and Rob, all had a bit of a chat a drink, but then we all had to return and pack all our stuff up. B4 we went i decided to have a shower but i noticed i didnt bring a hair dryer haha, and when u have really long hair u really do need and want a hair dryer lol So i wass runnin from room to room with nothing on jus 1 towel round me waste haha quite embarrasin and if you dont think so i think u shud try it haha ;).

We arrived at the venue then we had afew hours wait until we go on, and we were very excited. Finally the time had come, we approached the stage and began playing those first notes. It felt incredible and we loved every minute of it. After our 45 min set we had a radio interview with Angel of Metal, which was great, a gd interview and funny, something involving groupies hehe :). We were also greeted by sum fans who loved the show, and also some photographers who seemed really impressed,( looking forward to the pics Red)

So was a really gd festival all round, i am loving this band more and more each gig. I cant wait for the next :D. Hopefully cya guys soon. Thanks to everyone that made the trip down to Brum braving the weather we appreciate it. Tour starts next week with CON hope to see u at a show soon.

Cheers Luke

Sunday, 31 August 2008

All Access Mag Review

Theres a great New Salvation Review up at All Access magazine... heres a slice of it... the link is below to read the full review....

.....Chris shreds your ear drums with a solo that sounds like Dave Mustaine and Randy Roads battling for musical supremacy.
To top off the awesome single there are also two marvellous b-sides as well, the first is "Manslaughter" which vocally, delivers like Machine Head's classic "Davidian" if James Hetfield had bellowed the chorus. This track also highlights Martin's skills as a drummer; all I can say is that the kit he recorded with must be battered and bruised as he has the precision and skill of both Lars Ulrich and Nicko Mcbrain. This track really has the potential to be a future Fury UK classic.

Our Next gig is "Rock of Ages fest" in Birmingham next weekend , all proceeds to Cancer Reserch and only a few tickets left. Get in touch with us or ticket web for tickets in u fancy comin down. We are playing on the Sunday but will be there all weekend. 20 quid for a full weekend pass and 20 awesome bands, including Tygers of Pang Tang and Pete Ways (UFO) Waysted( WE WILL BE) should be a gud un!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Gig Weekend 22nd - 24th August

This last weekend was my debut to the pub scene in Fury UK, and i must say i really enjoyed myself. It was an eventful and quite scary weekend at times haha.

The first gig on the 22nd August at The Stocks in Walkden was the first pub gig for me in this band. The crowd was good, and it was also a very good and different place. We were introduced to some new fans who have been following the band for a while, so we were pleased to meet all 5 of them for the first time. They were also good headbangers and i didnt mind joining in with the fun. : ) Over All a really good and successful gig. Made some new friends and had fun.

The next night was on saturday 23rd August at Whittles in Oldham. We have been there once b4 but only to have a jam night there, and see what the place was like, and we really liked the atmosphere and the people were very nice. Our debut at Whittles, and im sure it wasnt our last, we all really enjoyed ourselves and the crowd loved us. Later on we were getting chatty to some of the locals, and a few of the girls thought i was a bit posh, haha thats something ive never been called a " Posh Rocker ". Haha well they did have a bit to drink. Hehe

Finally on Sunday 24th August was at the Old Market Tavern in Altrincham. But unfortunately that day was not the best for me or Chris because that morning we recieved news that our grandmother passed away. We were crushed. But we felt we had to carry on with the gig later that night and do our job and dedicate the performance to our grandmother. We played a good set and we gained some new fans. Also this was my first time ever playing at the Old Market Tavern and i loved it. :D

Thanks people for reading this blog, i`ll be back soon with another.

Cya later


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bloodstock 2008

Well this is my first blog , and im looking foward to what im about to say haha.

Last weekend Fury UK were playing at Bloodstock Open Air. We all had a very hard and tiring weekend, but also was a blast for my first performance in Fury UK.

Firstly on friday 15th August, we all awoke early in the morning to travel for about 2 or 3 hours to Derbyshire. We thought we wud get there nice and early, to be ready for Saturday, and to chill out and watch some of the bands. There was alot of amazing bands playing on
Friday such as Opeth and Helloween. Those 2 were my particular favourites on Friday night.

The next morning, we had a really big lie in. We all stayed up till a ridiculous hour on Friday, so it was only good manners to have a really big sleep. Eventually myself and the manager went for a wander and saw this band called Cloudscape who were pretty good. I enjoyed there set very much. Later on the time had come when our set was only minutes away. Me, Chris, & Martin were backstage awaiting to be announced on to the stage. I couldnt wait, i was nervous but also excited. Finally the time had come, we were announced on stage and begun our first notes, i could feel the intensity of the music, and the atmosphere, and i was blown away by the responce from the crowd. I loved every minute of it. After our set, we packed all the gear in the van, and celebrated ....Fury UKs first gig with the new line-up. After the show we met with fans and also had some pictures taken, then later on we had some interviews with some radio people, such as Total Rock, & Rock 24/7 who were really kwl guys. Then later on, we entered main stage and watched Iced Earth, which for me was heaven, beacause Iced Earth happen to be one of my biggest influenes in music.

We met up with our friend Angel of Metal, who also hosts her own radio show.

There was lots of really big rides and a huge fair going on at Bloodstock, lots looked really fun but i didnt have the guts to go on any haha. Also if any1 goes to Bloodstock in the future never go in the toilets, you will feel sick if you go any where near the toilets. Just a quick tip for any festival you happen to go to. Plus we had lots of Jager, with a big jager stall where we all got lots of free merchandise, only if u flirt with the Jager girls, so i had to put myself threw the horror of flirtin with 2 hot Jager girls :) yummy.

The next and final day of Bloodstock with live bands performing came, and we decided to treat ourselves and have another long lie in. Unfotunately sunday wasnt the best days for me, because for sum strange reason the band members and our roadie decided to tie me up haha. That was my initiation to Fury UK haha. But it was hilarious haha, and i enjoyed every second of it. We managed to catch more or less all of the bands that were playing on Sunday like Overkill & legendary Nightwish who were immense, loved there set.

Suddenly the time had come, where it was Monday morning and we all had to set off home.

But this was a weekend none of us will forget.

Thanks guys for reading my first blog hope uve enjoyed it as much as i have, cya round.


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bulldog Bash

The last 14 days have been a whirlwind, not much sleep, loads of laughs, lots of great music and good company. The Bulldog bash was my first Bulldog festival, very well organised i must add( well the Hells Angels have been doing this for 22 years so i expected it to be run like clockwork, and it was a credit to them). Loads of great Bikes and bikers, fairground, stalls and bands.( i wont mention the strippers)!LOL

Mud Glorious Mud was the quotation for the weekend, lots of rain and mud but we had loads of fun!

Anyway guys u did a great job and the crowd were very impressed, loads of pics coming sooon!!

So sorry ADAM called it a day after this great gig, but to go out on a high is something to be said i suppose! Luke, Chris' bro, has stepped in a short notice to take the bass reigns and im sure will be an awesome replacement ,(good looking too,reminds me of a young Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy).

Ok so u brothers go kick some ass out there!!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Welcome Luke

Luke's first official rehearsal with the band took place 11th August. The new bass player settled in instantly & the hard work he's already put in learning the songs was apparent from the start. There was a different vibe to the band which we're sure will work well. We're really pleased with this start & it looks good for an awesome gig at Bloodstock this coming weekend. We play the Lava Stage at around 6.15 pm on Saturday. Hope to see you all there!!!!

Fury UK

Monday, 11 August 2008

The Reaperman leaves....

We have to announce that for personal reasons our bass player Adam Cropper, also known as The Reaperman, has decided to leave the band. Adam, who has been a pleasure to work with during these past 10 months leaves with our respect & thanks for his part in a very important period for the band. We were gutted to receive his resignation & although we understand his decision to leave & it was probably the right thing to do, his part in the band's development will not be forgotten. From what Adam has told us he expects to put his music career on hold for the time being but in any case, we wish him every success & happiness with his work & life both in & out of the world of music.

Although the timing was not expected, we had an inkling this may happen which means we're in a very lucky situation that we have a new bass player able to step in at least on a temporary basis .… Luke Appleton, brother of our lead vocalist/guitarist Chris. As a very capable bass player in his own right & a big supporter of Fury UK we know that Luke already knows much of the band's setlist which means we have no worries about asking him to pick up the reins immediately. This means that Luke's first gig with the band will be Bloodstock. Welcome Luke & thank you for stepping in.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Update from the road

We're overdue an update cos we've had some awesome gigs recently & haven't written about them. Here's the recent ones where we've had a blast & met some great people :-

Bootleggers, Kendal
The Bell, Oswestry
Nag's Head, Macclesfield

Always a pleasure to go to Bootleggers, this was our 4th visit if we remember rightly. Probably the best crowd we've had in at this venue & the locals made us welcome, warmed up nicely & was good to see some front-row headbanging of course!

The Bell - this was the excellent Rock The Bell festival, organised by our good friend Tim who had invited us to play having seen us play live down the road a few months back at The Fox. Blanco Diablo, who we know from their previous visits from the U.S. topped the bill, we went on just before them & a host of other bands went before us & absolutely no-one did a bad job. Great day all round, we camped overnight at the back of the venue & mucho beers were consumed of course! Special thnks to Tim for looking after us & was also good to see Roger from Cort Guitars there supporting us, especially bearing in mind the excellent endorsement arrangement they've given firstly to Adam for his main bass instrument but also his acoustic bass & Chris' new acoustic 6 string.

Last night we were at the Nag's Head, Macclesfield & can't believe it's around 8 months since we were last there. Was a pretty good night the last time but last night was up several notches. This was a room full of front-row headbangers who gave us a brilliant reception & we had a balls-out, hot n sweaty rock out. Tracks like "Lost In Forever" were really well-received & the atmosphere for covers like Fear of The Dark (Iron Maiden) & War Pigs (Sabbath) was immense. Time stood still at this gig - the staff advised us that when we fired up for the first few bars of our intro the clock behind the bar fell off the wall. Rock n roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the Nags Head gig we did a live acoustic session on Hard Rock Radio Live (Mad Ian's Metal Asylum Show), sponsored by Cort Guitars. This went really well. Ian got a great sound for us & we enjoyed what we did, getting great feedback from the listeners. The session will be available on a podcast very soon & included our acoustic versions of these songs :- Manslaughter, Wicked Glass, Natural Disaster, The End & Lost In forever. website Big big thanx to Mad Ian.

Tonight we'ree back on home turf at Hark To Towler, Tottington, Bury. Always a blast & if we remember rightly this is our first visit since the excellent show in between Xmas & New Year. Can't wait for this & we have our good friends Loaded Deck opening up for us which will be cool.... and of course we've so much to look forward to with the upcoming Bulldog Bash, Bloodstock, Rock of Ages Fest, the Core Of Nation tour, the Firewind supports, & more.

Hope you can make it to tonight's gig but either way have an awesome weekend!

Big big thanx to everyone for the support at these gigs & here online.

Fury UK

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fury UK : confirmed to play Bloodstock 2008

Fury UK are confirmed to play Bloodstock 2008. The band will be appearing on the Lava Stage, on Saturday 16th August, at approx. 6.15pm. Lead guitarist Chris Appleton says "It's awesome to get this opportunity to play Bloodstock, especially when the line-up includes such amazing bands that we look up to like Opeth, Nightwish, Iced Earth & Evile. To say the 3 of us in the band are excited would be an understatement. We were already booked for the Bulldog Bash & the Rock of Ages Fest, plus we have 2 support slots with Firewind.... it's going to be one fantastic summer for Fury UK".

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Thank you Blackpool

Last Friday (11th July) we popped across to Blackpool. Our debut in the town & we played at the Royal Oak which we have to say is a right-rockin' house! Apparently quite a few of the local hero bands were playing down the road (we were unlucky we were told) & so our audience number was to be on the quiet side. Well, not much because the night turned into a cracker & we understand we can expect even more happy rock-heads next time we're in town. We made some great new friends (pics will follow) & had a great show, mixing our best originals with some covers as we like to do on the pub circuit.

We're also delighted to have been offered two more shows on the back of last Friday's performance : a return to the Royal Oak on Friday 10th October, plus a headline show at "The Big Blackpool Toy Run" which is at Riffs, on Sunday 14th December, & is organised by a top local biker dude called Ali.

If our 1st taste of action in the town is anything to go by, we can't wait to get back there.

Thank you Blackpool!

Fury UK

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

UK Tour dates , including support to Firewind

UK tour dates announced for September, including two support slots with Firewind & several dates with Swedish metallers Core Of Nation. Go to Gigs to see all shows for 2008. Meanwhile, here's the schedule for the tour in September :-






25TH to be confirmed, LIVERPOOL




Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Live acoustic session : 7th July

Here's a first for Fury UK - we're delighted to be playing a live acoustic session on Manchester Radio Online, this coming Monday 7th July, on Paul Ripman's show. We'll be on sometime from 7pm.

With instruments kindly provided by Cort Guitars (if you don't know them, check 'em out, they're ace!)

Here's the link to tune into the radio show

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Update : half year / next gigs / new album

Well, we thought it was about time we did an update regarding plans for the coming months….

…. to set the scene, here we are half way through 2008 already & like most people we can’t believe it’s gone so fast. We’ve played 19 shows this year so far which is pretty busy considering we took January off the road to record the “Salvation” EP. Some great highlights including our trip down to Bristol’s Area 81 Rock Club, Leeds University, Monsters Of Mosh Festival (with Breed 77, Blaze Bayley), Doncaster’s Hall Cross Rock Bar, Oswestry’s Fox Inn, & Bradford’s Brewery Tap. Had some great reviews of the EP (check the website reviews page at & had more radio airplay than ever before .… e.g. Bruce Dickinson’s Show at BBC6, Rock Radio Manchester 106.1FM, Preston FM, Total Rock Radio, Hard Rock Radio Live, Hot Rocks, JFL Radio, Braingell Radio, Rock247 Online, Overloaded Milton Keynes FM, & we’ve also done more radio interviews & guest spots than ever before (these are all the stations that spring to mind right now, & our thanks also to all those who happen not be listed here!). All-in-all, not been a bad first half in Fury UK world!

So what’s coming up? Well as we stand now we have a further 25 gigs booked this year (including another gig with Blaze Bayley), plus of course we have a UK tour with our Swedish friends Core Of Nation to be announced shortly… that’ll be another 8 or 9 dates. There’s one or two other possibles kicking around too. Almost all of our gigs have been in the North of England so far but most of you probably know that in the past we’ve always enjoyed the trips south of our native Manchester. It’ll be excellent that we’re now looking forward to trips to London, Exeter, Birmingham, Stratford & more. We should also mention we're proud to be playing the Bulldog Bash biker festival in August & the Rock of Ages Fest in September - see the gig schedule at our website for details.

Regarding recording, there had been a plan to look at doing a new album in August/September. However, the powers that be (i.e. our label & management) tell us that’s not clever because the band is so busy, the focus really wouldn’t be on the recording the way it should be & the way it deserves to be…. they’re right of course! So, with our increasing gig commitments for the rest of the year it’s been agreed the recording of the next Fury UK album won’t happen til January & February 2009 - we’ll be taking both those months off the road.

The writing for the album is in fact well under-way & so far going extremely well. We’re at the point of being able to rehearse some of the new tracks & there’s a mix of a heavier feel, with some definite moments of clarity, plus an undoubted progressive element. We’re certain we’ll surpass “Face Of Adversity” by a good way - quietly confident of that & looking forward to getting these new tracks down in a few months’ time.

Some people are surprised when we explain that the 3 tracks on the “Salvation” EP are NOT going to be on the new album. That EP was a one-off piece of work which stands alone in its’ own right & we definitely wanted to come up with more than 6 or 7 brand new tracks for the album when it gets done. “Salvation” therefore now becomes a limited edition, a one-off testament to the Fury UK sound & performances of 2008. Similarly, the “Salvation” T-shirts are a one-off & as people at our live shows will understand, the EP (signed by the band) & T-shirt are available as a “package” for £10 in total. Details of this & all other merch are at

A big thanx goes out to all the radio & press people who’ve commented & supported the band this year so far. It’s been by far our best year in this regard & it’s totally welcomed by the band.

Last but not least, an enormous thank you to all fans for sticking with us, whether it’s turning up in good numbers to see our live shows or buying CDs & T-shirts, or simply supporting & listening to us online. Whichever way your support is delivered, it’s definitely appreciated!


Fury UK

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back on home territory....

Our last few outings have seen us at the likes of Wigan, Hyde, Oswestry, Burnley, Bradford. We enjoy getting around but it's also cool to be back on home territory this Saturday at The Wishing Well, Heywood. This is one of only two gigs we're playing at The Well in the remainder of this year ... so don't miss!!!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Brewery Tap, Bradford

Brewery Tap, Bradford

1st time to the Brewery Tap. However not the 1st time to Bradford! New venue for us, and hell did we have a good time! And hell did everyone in that place have a good time! It was a truly awesome night!

We arrived approx 7.30PM, and immediately started setting up. Roadcrew, we had Jason, Crazy Mike & Luke. And of course our manager Mark & other half Lynne!

The set-up begins, and the first thing noticed by Adam, (capain Fortay) is the ale served behind the bar. Christ! ‘Yes we know you like real ale’. But for god’s sake just drink the stuff and stop getting off over it. Hehe. So Captain Fortay was happy because he could have his drink of choice after the show. One thing I noticed when we were setting up in the venue was how low the ceiling was, awesome! It was a superb sound. Almost felt like we were in a pirates cave, stone walls etc.

Crowd! What can we say, the entire bar staff had FUK t – shirts on! The audience absolutely took to the ‘Hot as Fuk’ thongs like a treat. They were hot for them, as they say! They were truly a pleasure to play for. Very attentive & heated audience!

Highlights of the set for me, were ‘Salvation’. We play the 3 track Single now every time we play live, so it’s defiantly one of the strongest songs we do. But this particular night it was a complete assault on the system! Along with that ‘Lost In Forever’. Same thing again! Spot on, if I do say so myself. We tried a tune that we’ve never done live before. We did a cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’. And we knew secretly before we did it, it could burn either way! But it certainly Burnt the way we wanted it to! And of course when is there a night when Death By Lightning does hit you Lightning. For finishing the set off! In addition to that, Martin’s drum solo before ‘Breakthrough’ seems to be getting better and better! Common referrals of his style are John Bonham, Bill Ward with hints of Tommy Aldridge & Neil Peart. Can’t argue with that! If I were a drummer I’d be happy with that! 

Fantastic night! Great people! Look forward to seeing you later on in the year!

Cheers Guys


Saturday, 7 June 2008

Listen to the Rock Radio interview clips

As we reported yesterday Fury UK are delighted to be winners of the Rock Radio Manchester (106.1 FM) "Future Classics". The band was nominated by Rock Radio but the final outcome was on a public vote. This was celebrated with airplay (Friday 6th June) for one of the band's songs "Manslaughter" & an interview with DJ Paul Anthony on his show.

To listen to clips from the interview please go to the band's MySpace at & check out the blog "Listen To The Rock Radio interview clips here"

To tune in to Rock Radio Manchester on your radio it's 106.1 FM or to listen online just click on the image below to go to the station's website.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for the band, we apparently achieved 74% of the total votes cast. Also thanks to everyone who took the trouble to email & text into the show with your comments - awesome! Finally, thanks to Rock Radio & Paul Anthony for setting this up & for supporting bands in this way.

Fury UK

Friday, 6 June 2008

Rock Radio Manchester 106.1FM : winners of the "Future Classics" vote

We're well chuffed to have been voted top "Future Classics" band this week at Rock Radio Manchester 106.1FM. We didn't originally realise we'd been put forward for this but major major thanx to everyone who voted for us & to Rock Radio for nominating the band. Awesome!

One of our songs gets airplay tonight on Paul Anthony's show (7.45pm - Midnight) & we get to be interviewed on the same show.

Make sure you tune in! - listen on FM 106.1 or click on the image above to go to the station online.

Rock on!!!!

Fury UK

Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Fox : you want to....

This was the band's first venture into sunny Shropshire. Chris was "globe-trotting" this weekend having just returned from a wedding in Scotland where apparently he got totally blotto! Still he arrived back on Sunday afternoon ready to make the trip down to Oswestry.

First impressions were "small". Beautiful-looking tudor-type venue frontage &.... well, yes, small! Low ceilings, the main part of the pub was like a collection of cottage front rooms & felt just as welcoming/inviting. Built around 1560 - this is not a history lesson by the way or a study of English architecture but this place was cool. The owner John & barman Steve made us very welcome & entertained us with various stories about the Fox.

The Fox has one main "secret". You pop down a little alley at the side & there opens up a courtyard at the rear with a cracking little stage undercover with "proper" electrics - no dodgy extensions etc here. Next to that is a little snug/smoking area where Lynne camped out with all her merch. Both Martin (drummer) & Luke (FUK crew) looked at home in there with nice armchairs & a little wood-burning stove - 
you want to go there now don't you? In fact Adam (Reaperman) & girlfriend Sadie (FUK crew) looked so at home we thought they'd moved in. Along from the snug was a canopy for the audience to stand under if the weather turned a bit & in the corner of that area was a bloody great gas BBQ which sparked up about half-ten to serve up some awesome burgers/hot dogs/potatoes etc.... you still want to go there now don't you?

After soundcheck was complete, our host handed us an array of acoustic instruments - acoustic guitar for Chris, acoustic bass for Adam, bongos for Martin & even Crazy Mike (FUK crew) joined us on a nylon-strung acoustic. Here was the band's chance to limber up with a little impromptu unplugged session in one of the afore-mentioned cottage front rooms, in front of the fire.... 
you still want to... ok, ok, I know you get the picture!

We started the proper set on stage playing to a small number in the audience, feeling good but a bit quiet then the guys/gals out there hit the phones & our reputation in Oswestry took a leap. Thank you all those who phoned their mates & said "get down here now". In fact our host told us everyone would soon arrive & they did - book them & they will come! So, soon after we had a good crowd, great response & the set went excellently. And even Chris managed NOT to fall down the 3 steps in front of the stage. As we do nowadays the set we played majored on material from the Face of Adversity album & the Salvation single/EP. Plus, as we were playing a long set this night, we ventured in with a nice choice of covers like Heaven & Hell, Highway Star, Holy Diver & everyone seemed more than a little merry.

By the way the beer was ace. A CAMRA real ale pub which lived up to its' reputation. The Stonehouse was awesome... 
you still want to etc etc. After the two sets we then whiled away a happy hour or two drinking & talking our usual beery shite, getting to know a few of the excellent regulars.

Big thanks to our hosts John & Amanda, plus Steve & other staff. Big thanx to everyone who supported us at this gig & also bought some nice CDs & T-shirts off us - keeps us off the streets...maybe!?

There's some nice photos from the gig (including the best armchair & wood-burning stove) loaded up on
MySpace already so why not take a look?

Our next stop is the bikers' paradise known as the Bike & Hound (Hyde, Cheshire) this Saturday 31st May for more Fury UK rock & madness. Hope to CYA soon!

Fury UK

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Powerplay Magazine : live review

Powerplay magazine, issue no. 98, includes a review of the Monsters Of Mosh gig, at Jilly's Rock World, 16th March '08. (Breed 77, Blaze Bayley, Tokyo Dragons, Fury UK & more).

Regarding Fury UK it reads ...."Next up was the big surprise of the day, the truly excellent Fury UK. I can't say that I've been overly impressed with their recorded output to date, but they proved to be a real eye-opener in the live arena. Tight, energetic and extremely catchy, they played the kind of metal I could listen to all night. And the superb twin vocals were the icing on the cake. They just made it onto my list of bands to watch for the future." (Mark Hoaksey)

We picked up our copy of Powerplay magazine at WH Smiths but it can also be ordered online at . This current issue also features Whitesnake, Duff McKagan, Dio, White Lion, Dokken, George Lynch, Nightwish, Firewind & many more.


Fury UK

Monday, 19 May 2008

Gibson Endorsement - New Guitar

Gibson SG Std (2008) New
Gibson SG Std (2000) Old

Hey, it's Chris. I'm pleased to announce that my relationship with Gibson Guitars is now official. I now have an endorsement/artist deal with Gibson guitars as well as my existing arrangement with  ENGL amps. Last week we went to the Total Rock Radio studios in London for a live interview. Then later on travelled to the Gibson offices to pick up my new SG Standard! What a good day!

Cheers for the guys at Gibson!

Rock On!

Friday, 16 May 2008

New / update : Bulldog Bash 2008

We can now breathe a sigh of relief at the news that the 2008 Bulldog Bash bikers' festival is to go ahead. The event - Europe's biggest of its' kind - had been under threat due to police concerns that tension between rival motorbike gangs would be a danger to the public. As most people are aware the situation arose following the murder of biker Gerry Tobin last year whilst he travelled home from the Bulldog Bash but thankfully after reassurances from the organisers of the event & the implementation of special powers for security, the festival is set to go ahead this year at the Shakespeare County Raceway in Warwickshire.

The four-day festival is a family event and in 21 years there have never been any serious incidents.

Earlier this year we were the first band confirmed to play the 2008 festival, alongside great bands such as The Wildhearts & Orange Goblin. It was an honour when we were confirmed to play but then when the doubts came up about the licence for the event to go ahead we really thought we'd lost the opportunity.

We're all unbelievably relieved at the news that the organiser's appeal has been successful & now we plan to make the most of it. We've always enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the biker community.

The Bulldog Bash runs for 4 days beginning Thursday 7th August & we play on Day 2. Tickets are available now online at or direct from the band at , or just message us here at myspace.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Total Rock Radio & Gibson Guitars

Well, we were well-pleased to be invited down to London into Total Rock Radio to do an interview. We ended up being there for well over an hour which was pretty awesome - saw it through to the end of the show . DJ Catbird is a cool guy , excellent to talk to & we covered all sorts from the history of the band, line-up changes, the CDs, previous gigs, upcoming gigs, plans for the next album. Our label was there with us too & was able to mention some of the other bands on the roster, such as Core Of Nation, Toxic, Breakdown, Smith 6079 & more.

Other important topics covered were real ale & curry.

Catbird dragged(?) us off to the pub after that! LOL. Many many thanks to Catbird, we had a great time & was a pleasure to be sat in the same seats as some previous interviewees e.g. Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith et al.

After leaving the pub we were off to the London offices of Gibson Guitars to collect Chris' new Gibson SG Standard guitar, in black. Now those of you who know Chris will understand his excitement - Chris, already a Gibson-user, is something of a gear-addict! Big thanks to Gibson for this guitar which is part of the artist deal they arranged for Chris. This guitar will be a mainstay of Chris' playing for years to come.

We then made our merry way back up to sunny Manchester - yes, it really IS sunny at the moment , believe it or not!

Chalk that one up as a good day at the office!

Fury UK

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Live4metal : interview with Chris Appleton

Live4metal have been good enough to do an interview with Chris Appleton.... "that dark shadow called the music industry"....?

Follow the link below to take a look at the full interview :-


Fury UK

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Fury UK will be interviewed live on Total Rock Radio this Wednesday (14th May) on DJ Catbird's show, between 9.00 a.m. & 12 noon (GMT).  To tune in & also to put requests in to the show just click on this link :-

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Butchers Arms/Thatched House Gigs: A Review!

Once again, the bass playing ReaperMan is here to recap and review the weekends gig schedule that has come to pass. So... 'ere we go!

Friday night saw us returning to a favourite venue of Fury UK's: The Butchers Arms in Bolton. Rather than being in the smaller room of the venue, we ended up in the larger room (where we had a killer New Years Eve show), which meant no rickety Fire Escape stairs to negotiate. Plenty of supporters from the crew, the Scavengers, and the general public. The gig itself was immense and as always the Scavengers and the people there were very supportive and appreciative of the music we played, which included some Face Of Adversity classics like “Wicked Glass” and “The End” (of which hadn't been in the Fury UK set since a few weeks ago), and new covers from the school of Motorhead: “Killed By Death”, and our own take on their song “Hellraiser”.

A funny, but nearly serious event, at the Butchers came in the form of Chris, tripping over whilst checking sound levels with Mark, and nearly falling either into the speaker cabinets, or Gibson SG first onto the floor. However, Chris is like a cat: He will always land on his feet.... or someone elses.

Sunday night, and it's Charity Night. We were playing at the Thatched House in Stockport, a house of rock, metal, and rather nice ales (hee hee). The gig was for the Rainbow Family Trust, and there were pleanty of bands on for the day, including Breakdown, Rogue Frequency, and many others! Chris and Martin getting to the venue for 1pm, with pleanty of drinking on hand (I suppose), with Captain Forté arriving later on at 7pm. We were on for an hour, being the headlining band. Such an amazing set, but a very bloody warm one! Was so hot, you could've probably fried an egg on top of Chris' ENGL (but of course, that isn't advised). Lovely people there too, really supporting a good cause and rocking out as always.

Big thanks to everyone who set up the Thatched House gig, as well as Mad Ian and Josi for coming down to the gigs, Peeeete, the usual suspects from the Fury UK Crew, the Scavengers for having us back, and all the new fans of Fury UK! We hope to see you again very soon.

This is Captain Forté signing off!

Wednesday, 30 April 2008


As alot of you may know, FURY UK are due to play BULLDOG BASH 2008. 
This is something that we are very proud to announce, and is a truely great honour for us. 
Alot of our early memories as musicians was playing biker's bars & rallies, 
and so this will be the ultimate! Some of the headline bands for the festival
have yet to be confirmed. But so far we're playing alongside the likes of 'The Wildhearts',
'Tyla & Dogs Damour', 'Orange Goglin' & 'Rattlesnake Remedy'. We can also offer everyone
tickets for the bash, but you must remember to contact asap, so we can put your name down.
Either send us a message on myspace, or email us via our website
The tickets are not just for the day FURY UK playing. The tickets are for the entire festival. 
Thursday - Sunday. If you are unfamilar with the Bulldog Bash, it is not only a biker & music festival. It has everything. The usual Biker racing strip, 2 stages for live bands, rave tent, hot dogs & burgers, strippers (oh yeh), vintage bike & car tent, fair grounds for the kids. All-sorts!
Hope to see you there!