Thursday, 15 April 2010

Update : new album & tour

Just a quick update so everyone knows where we're up to. The album recording which we started on April 2nd, is so far going better than we could have expected. The bass tracks & drum tracks were laid down pretty quickly & the the guitar tracks went really well too. Just a few tweaks on guitars, maybe a day's work, then we'll be on to the vocals. We've had a break from recording this week & return to the studio on Monday for 5 days, the last 1 or 2 of which will probably only be mixing time assuming everything continues alright. In between the work on recording the songs, we've been occupying ourselves playing pool, watching TV & surfing the net, but our skills on the pool table don't really seem to have improved despite many many attempts. Our intake of fast food, however, is definitely on the up!

September remains the planned release for the album which is as yet untitled. We're currently wrestling with several possible album titles but as yet nothing's really grabbed us as the one.

For October a headline UK tour is being booked. Work on that is well on the way & we hope to be able to announce the first 11 or 12 dates in a couple of weeks' time, maybe sooner. The spread across England & Wales currently looks pretty good so we should be in a town/city pretty near all of you.

Meanwhile, don't forget our current upcoming shows. 3 of these are headline shows whereas SOS Festival is headed up by our good friend Blaze Bayley & also features some other excellent bands (Babylon Fire, Nightvision, Moth Circus, Extreme OD, Skull Branded Pirates, Fantasist, plus more to be confirmed) :-

April 23rd : The Saxon Forum's Alternate St.George's Day Bash, The Green Man, Wembley
April 24th : Mosh4Dosh, The Rigger, Newcastle-u-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent
July 10th : SOS Festival, Manchester
August 6th : Infest, The Park, Peterborough

More news soon!

Thanks as always for supporting the band & following what we're up to!


Fury UK

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Metal Hammer review : Hammerfest II

Review in Metal Hammer magazine on our performance at Hammerfest II.... "it's always good to discover a new favourite band at festivals and Fury UK seem destined to fit that bill for plenty of people. Their stirring old-school metal sidesteps retro cliche and goes for the jugular with lashings of blistering lead work and planet-sized tunes" (May 2010 issue, just out)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Studio Diary

Chris is keeping a studio diary on the Fury UK facebook. Recording of the new album begun on Friday & continues for most of the coming week, with just one break on Thursday. Drum tracks sounding awesome so far, pool table takes a hammering & food an apparent priority! Check out the details & daily updates at :-