Wednesday, 8 October 2008

UK Tour w/ Core of Nation : Part 1 : 17th - 21st September

Well we are still recovering from the 2 weeks of touring with our Swedish friends Core of Nation.

Wednesday 17th September Core of Nation arrived in the UK. Me, Chris and Mark ( Manager ) were all waiting patientlly for them to arrive. Suddenly me & Chris thought of making a special surprise for the drummer of Core of Nation : Hank. So we decided to make him a big sign saying "We love you Hank" (big joke from last. Finally they arrived, and Hank was ecstatic haha. We all gave him a big hug, then he was very scared haha. That evening we decided to celebrate by going to an Indian restaraunt in Whitefield. Core of Nation loved every second of it, and enjoyed meeting us once again. We made them feel right at home. After the meal Core of Nation returned to their Travel Lodge.

Skipping a few days where Core of Nation were playing with other bands such as Breakdown & Babylon Fire, then Fury UK & Core of Nation were on their way to London. So we had an early start in the morning, the time was about 6 or 7 AM. Which never goes down well with our drummer Martin, he likes a good lie in. hehe. As soon as Core of Nation arrived, we had to leave ASAP. There's only 3 seats in our van, so that was Mark, Chris and Martin. So i had to drive along with Core of Nation, which was a very brave and funny thing to do haha. So let me introduce Core of Nation, there is Rolf, Damma, Hank, Rickard and Rickardo. As soon as i fastened my seat belt, Core of Nation started teaching me Swedish. The first thing they taught me was how to order a Pint. But unfortunately i forgot how to say it haha. But the one saying that they did teach me was "ARMGNOG" this saying i dont think any woman should know haha. Anyway, half way to London we needed to stop for some food and bathroom break. So it was time to torture Hank haha. If anyone doesnt know already Hank has a very big Homophobic issue, so as soon as he told us we were all over him, just to scare him a little haha. We had our little break then we set off to London for the next 2 hours. Well at least we thought it was going to be 2 hours the whole trip was 8 hours long. When we arrived in London we could hardly stand. Oh before i forget Core of Nation also brought a friend called Nickolas. Who was having a beard contest with Martin. But Martin had a slightly longer one haha. We finally arrived in London, and didnt have time to check into our Travel Lodge so we rushed to the gig. The gig took place at the Bedford Park Hotel. It was a good place and a good venue, we had a desent crowd and both bands made some new friends.

After the gig we packed all the gear up and went back to our Travel lodge, it was time for sleep. So we said night night to Hank and went to bed. Haha.

The following morning Chris, Martin, Damma, & Rolf went to go do a radio Interview at Total Rock, meanwhile the rest of us had to get all the gear and set off to Camden.

So stay tuned guys cos i will be explaining the rest of our exciting tour with the next blog. Cheers


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