Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bannermans in Scotland: 15th October

Last week we went down to Bannermans which is in Edinburgh, Scotland. We had a cracking night playing along side bands such as: Killheathen, Firebrand Super Rock, and our friends from Norway called Toxic. Every single band was excellent, and they were each slightly different genres, so it was a dream gig come true.

We set off in the early hours in the morning, and we had a long drive ahead of us, i think it was about 4 or 5 hours we drove for, hehe not gd but we all had a gd sleep in the car. Half-way there we needed to stop, we all need food, unfortunately we got separated so it was just me, Mark & Lynne in the car. We managed to find the king of food itself KFC! Yum : ). I actually found a frozen chip so it wasnt the best start to a KFC lol

We arrived in Scotland and we met up with Toxic. Toxic are also doing a 2 week tour with Killheathen. We checked into our hotel room at the Travel Lodge and had a quick break or sleep we should say. lol.

We all got up and get ready for our long walk down the road haha. That was the good thing the venue was only 2 minutes walk from our travel lodge lol. When we arrived we met up with Killheathen and had a good chat about the gig. Then we noticed that this venue also does food, and it just turned tea time so we were delighted to hear that food was ready for us haha. A big Bacon & Cheese Burger haha, oh i was excited. :D

Also a special guest appeared all the way from Newcastle, called Simon Colling from NE1 FM Radio, juts to watch the bands and he was amazed with the turn out and loved each band.

After the gig we were all very warm, and i must say all bands played an amazing show. Finally it was time to go and get sum sleep, but most of us didnt go bk to bed it was only me, Mark & Lynne who went. The rest of Toxic, Fury UK, & Firebrand Super Rock went to a night club, hehe who knows wot they got up to haha.

Well that was my first Scottish date and i hope it wasnt the last one, cos i miss the Iron Bru and JD lol it is the nicest thing ever haha

Cya round guys thanks for reading


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