Saturday, 11 October 2008

Rock247Online Radio : Interview & acoustic session

8th October, Wednesday morning & we headed down to Tamworth, near Birmingham, in horrendous traffic (mainly at the Manc end of things) to call in at the Rock247Online radio studio. We were booked in to do an interview/co-host & acoustic session with our excellent mate DJ Payney. His show The Daily Pain goes out each weekday at 11.00am-2.00pm.

First of all got to say big thanks to our host, Payney, who made us totally welcome. The whole thing went really fast & was an absolute blast. We had a great laugh & talked some sh*te along the way we're sure but all good fun. Was also a pleasure to meet the man behind the scenes, station owner Simon who also a cool dude. Many thanks also Simon firstly for operating such a cool station & secondly for letting Payney put the likes of us on the show!

The acoustic session went well. We've listened to it afterwards & sounds pretty good. Martin, complete with DIY shakers & a set of bongos which in honesty we found lying round the studio! Chris & Luke of course playing the acoustic guitar & bass awesomely provided by Cort under the endorsement arrangement. Big thanks to Roger, our contact on behalf of Cort, for his support as always.

Hopefully, we'll be able to edit & put out some of the acoustic material one day soon so those of you that missed get a chance to take a listen. Here's a few piccis to be going on with.

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