Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Gig Weekend 22nd - 24th August

This last weekend was my debut to the pub scene in Fury UK, and i must say i really enjoyed myself. It was an eventful and quite scary weekend at times haha.

The first gig on the 22nd August at The Stocks in Walkden was the first pub gig for me in this band. The crowd was good, and it was also a very good and different place. We were introduced to some new fans who have been following the band for a while, so we were pleased to meet all 5 of them for the first time. They were also good headbangers and i didnt mind joining in with the fun. : ) Over All a really good and successful gig. Made some new friends and had fun.

The next night was on saturday 23rd August at Whittles in Oldham. We have been there once b4 but only to have a jam night there, and see what the place was like, and we really liked the atmosphere and the people were very nice. Our debut at Whittles, and im sure it wasnt our last, we all really enjoyed ourselves and the crowd loved us. Later on we were getting chatty to some of the locals, and a few of the girls thought i was a bit posh, haha thats something ive never been called a " Posh Rocker ". Haha well they did have a bit to drink. Hehe

Finally on Sunday 24th August was at the Old Market Tavern in Altrincham. But unfortunately that day was not the best for me or Chris because that morning we recieved news that our grandmother passed away. We were crushed. But we felt we had to carry on with the gig later that night and do our job and dedicate the performance to our grandmother. We played a good set and we gained some new fans. Also this was my first time ever playing at the Old Market Tavern and i loved it. :D

Thanks people for reading this blog, i`ll be back soon with another.

Cya later


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