Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bloodstock 2008

Well this is my first blog , and im looking foward to what im about to say haha.

Last weekend Fury UK were playing at Bloodstock Open Air. We all had a very hard and tiring weekend, but also was a blast for my first performance in Fury UK.

Firstly on friday 15th August, we all awoke early in the morning to travel for about 2 or 3 hours to Derbyshire. We thought we wud get there nice and early, to be ready for Saturday, and to chill out and watch some of the bands. There was alot of amazing bands playing on
Friday such as Opeth and Helloween. Those 2 were my particular favourites on Friday night.

The next morning, we had a really big lie in. We all stayed up till a ridiculous hour on Friday, so it was only good manners to have a really big sleep. Eventually myself and the manager went for a wander and saw this band called Cloudscape who were pretty good. I enjoyed there set very much. Later on the time had come when our set was only minutes away. Me, Chris, & Martin were backstage awaiting to be announced on to the stage. I couldnt wait, i was nervous but also excited. Finally the time had come, we were announced on stage and begun our first notes, i could feel the intensity of the music, and the atmosphere, and i was blown away by the responce from the crowd. I loved every minute of it. After our set, we packed all the gear in the van, and celebrated ....Fury UKs first gig with the new line-up. After the show we met with fans and also had some pictures taken, then later on we had some interviews with some radio people, such as Total Rock, & Rock 24/7 who were really kwl guys. Then later on, we entered main stage and watched Iced Earth, which for me was heaven, beacause Iced Earth happen to be one of my biggest influenes in music.

We met up with our friend Angel of Metal, who also hosts her own radio show.

There was lots of really big rides and a huge fair going on at Bloodstock, lots looked really fun but i didnt have the guts to go on any haha. Also if any1 goes to Bloodstock in the future never go in the toilets, you will feel sick if you go any where near the toilets. Just a quick tip for any festival you happen to go to. Plus we had lots of Jager, with a big jager stall where we all got lots of free merchandise, only if u flirt with the Jager girls, so i had to put myself threw the horror of flirtin with 2 hot Jager girls :) yummy.

The next and final day of Bloodstock with live bands performing came, and we decided to treat ourselves and have another long lie in. Unfotunately sunday wasnt the best days for me, because for sum strange reason the band members and our roadie decided to tie me up haha. That was my initiation to Fury UK haha. But it was hilarious haha, and i enjoyed every second of it. We managed to catch more or less all of the bands that were playing on Sunday like Overkill & legendary Nightwish who were immense, loved there set.

Suddenly the time had come, where it was Monday morning and we all had to set off home.

But this was a weekend none of us will forget.

Thanks guys for reading my first blog hope uve enjoyed it as much as i have, cya round.


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