Saturday, 26 July 2008

Update from the road

We're overdue an update cos we've had some awesome gigs recently & haven't written about them. Here's the recent ones where we've had a blast & met some great people :-

Bootleggers, Kendal
The Bell, Oswestry
Nag's Head, Macclesfield

Always a pleasure to go to Bootleggers, this was our 4th visit if we remember rightly. Probably the best crowd we've had in at this venue & the locals made us welcome, warmed up nicely & was good to see some front-row headbanging of course!

The Bell - this was the excellent Rock The Bell festival, organised by our good friend Tim who had invited us to play having seen us play live down the road a few months back at The Fox. Blanco Diablo, who we know from their previous visits from the U.S. topped the bill, we went on just before them & a host of other bands went before us & absolutely no-one did a bad job. Great day all round, we camped overnight at the back of the venue & mucho beers were consumed of course! Special thnks to Tim for looking after us & was also good to see Roger from Cort Guitars there supporting us, especially bearing in mind the excellent endorsement arrangement they've given firstly to Adam for his main bass instrument but also his acoustic bass & Chris' new acoustic 6 string.

Last night we were at the Nag's Head, Macclesfield & can't believe it's around 8 months since we were last there. Was a pretty good night the last time but last night was up several notches. This was a room full of front-row headbangers who gave us a brilliant reception & we had a balls-out, hot n sweaty rock out. Tracks like "Lost In Forever" were really well-received & the atmosphere for covers like Fear of The Dark (Iron Maiden) & War Pigs (Sabbath) was immense. Time stood still at this gig - the staff advised us that when we fired up for the first few bars of our intro the clock behind the bar fell off the wall. Rock n roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the Nags Head gig we did a live acoustic session on Hard Rock Radio Live (Mad Ian's Metal Asylum Show), sponsored by Cort Guitars. This went really well. Ian got a great sound for us & we enjoyed what we did, getting great feedback from the listeners. The session will be available on a podcast very soon & included our acoustic versions of these songs :- Manslaughter, Wicked Glass, Natural Disaster, The End & Lost In forever. website Big big thanx to Mad Ian.

Tonight we'ree back on home turf at Hark To Towler, Tottington, Bury. Always a blast & if we remember rightly this is our first visit since the excellent show in between Xmas & New Year. Can't wait for this & we have our good friends Loaded Deck opening up for us which will be cool.... and of course we've so much to look forward to with the upcoming Bulldog Bash, Bloodstock, Rock of Ages Fest, the Core Of Nation tour, the Firewind supports, & more.

Hope you can make it to tonight's gig but either way have an awesome weekend!

Big big thanx to everyone for the support at these gigs & here online.

Fury UK

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