Thursday, 26 March 2009

Album update & other stuff

Hail!!!!, an update from us....

.... we've experienced a few delays with artwork & stuff, so the release date for the new album has been pushed back to 8th June at the earliest. Not what we wanted to do but it's got to be right, that's most important. Sorry for the delay, we'll keep you posted on progress.

Meanwhile, our shows so far since getting back on the road have been rewarding to say the least. The highpoints for us have been first of all the number of people taking the trouble to travel to gigs - in some cases quite a distance - times are hard at the moment we're told (credit crucnh & all that) so when people make an effort it's particularly appreciated. Secondly, as you'll probably realise we've been previewing songs from the new album in our live set & the feedback has been fantastic. That means a lot 'cause let's face it, when you put new stuff out there, you never know for sure how it's going to go down. Brilliant response anyhow & we're delighted with that.

Big big thanks to all those of you who've been to our 9 shows in March so far. Just one to go, this Friday at the Brewery Tap in Bradford, then 2 weeks break before we hit the Yardbirds Club, Grimsby on Friday 10th April. Looking forward to that. A couple of us went to see our label-mates 4Bitten at Yardbirds, with Angel House, a week or so ago & it was a very cool place so we can't wait. We're told that Sacred Mother Tongue are also playing the night we're there & we've heard good things about them so hopefully all shaping up for an awesome night.

We'll be keeping in touch more often on here again now we're up & running on the road.

CYA soon!



Fury UK

Saturday, 14 March 2009

1st Week Back on The Road: 27th Feb - 14th Mar

Well we've been back on the road constantly this past week or so, and we couldn't have a better one. Our first show of our year started with a nice lil warm-up gig at "Old Isaccs" in Atherton, where we met up with some of our old friends from Blackpool, thanks again for comin' down you guys, may the force be with you!

A couple of nights after we travelled down to Shrewsbury to "The Yorkshire House". Nice artwork on the walls here - you can see Eddie from Iron Maiden and Megadeth all over the place - cool!

Next, we played a venue in Manchester close to our heart - "Grand Central". We always love playing there but especially enjoyable this time as a erm... young lady dancing decided to strip some clothes off. :D. I must say i struggled to concentrate on the gig while that happening ;)

After a solid and entertaining night at Grand Central, the night after we headed over to the "Seven Stars" which in Wrexham North Wales. We had a great one there too, fans from Oswestry turned up & we were very happy to see them again. Also, our excellent label-mates Decadenze turned up to see us & a good time was had by all.

Next night, we were off to Doncaster, always a happy place for us - "The Hallcross Rock Bar". Have never been disappointed there. Thanks to Annete & Bo for looking after the sound for us, the party aferwards was a bit crazy & breakfast as always was immense!

Finally, we had a week off to stop our fingers from bleeding and relaxed a bit. Then on Saturday 13th March we played "The White Hart" in Burnley. Again another great little Rock venue. Again we got some visitors - our friends Alan & Linda, & also friends from Blackpool Pat & Kay and all their crew travelled over.

So that's a little account of our March shows so far. More to come.

We'll CYA soon.