Monday, 16 June 2008

Brewery Tap, Bradford

Brewery Tap, Bradford

1st time to the Brewery Tap. However not the 1st time to Bradford! New venue for us, and hell did we have a good time! And hell did everyone in that place have a good time! It was a truly awesome night!

We arrived approx 7.30PM, and immediately started setting up. Roadcrew, we had Jason, Crazy Mike & Luke. And of course our manager Mark & other half Lynne!

The set-up begins, and the first thing noticed by Adam, (capain Fortay) is the ale served behind the bar. Christ! ‘Yes we know you like real ale’. But for god’s sake just drink the stuff and stop getting off over it. Hehe. So Captain Fortay was happy because he could have his drink of choice after the show. One thing I noticed when we were setting up in the venue was how low the ceiling was, awesome! It was a superb sound. Almost felt like we were in a pirates cave, stone walls etc.

Crowd! What can we say, the entire bar staff had FUK t – shirts on! The audience absolutely took to the ‘Hot as Fuk’ thongs like a treat. They were hot for them, as they say! They were truly a pleasure to play for. Very attentive & heated audience!

Highlights of the set for me, were ‘Salvation’. We play the 3 track Single now every time we play live, so it’s defiantly one of the strongest songs we do. But this particular night it was a complete assault on the system! Along with that ‘Lost In Forever’. Same thing again! Spot on, if I do say so myself. We tried a tune that we’ve never done live before. We did a cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’. And we knew secretly before we did it, it could burn either way! But it certainly Burnt the way we wanted it to! And of course when is there a night when Death By Lightning does hit you Lightning. For finishing the set off! In addition to that, Martin’s drum solo before ‘Breakthrough’ seems to be getting better and better! Common referrals of his style are John Bonham, Bill Ward with hints of Tommy Aldridge & Neil Peart. Can’t argue with that! If I were a drummer I’d be happy with that! 

Fantastic night! Great people! Look forward to seeing you later on in the year!

Cheers Guys


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  1. This was a great bikers pub with great people and good atmosphere, cant wait to go back!

    In fact cant wait to go to the Bulldog bash in August it will be full of bikers and loads of friends, that will be a great weekend. Lets hope to weather holds out till then, i will pack my wellies just in case! Maybe we shud get some Muddy as fuk wellies for the merch stand!!

    Now theres a thought LOL