Wednesday, 30 April 2008


As alot of you may know, FURY UK are due to play BULLDOG BASH 2008. 
This is something that we are very proud to announce, and is a truely great honour for us. 
Alot of our early memories as musicians was playing biker's bars & rallies, 
and so this will be the ultimate! Some of the headline bands for the festival
have yet to be confirmed. But so far we're playing alongside the likes of 'The Wildhearts',
'Tyla & Dogs Damour', 'Orange Goglin' & 'Rattlesnake Remedy'. We can also offer everyone
tickets for the bash, but you must remember to contact asap, so we can put your name down.
Either send us a message on myspace, or email us via our website
The tickets are not just for the day FURY UK playing. The tickets are for the entire festival. 
Thursday - Sunday. If you are unfamilar with the Bulldog Bash, it is not only a biker & music festival. It has everything. The usual Biker racing strip, 2 stages for live bands, rave tent, hot dogs & burgers, strippers (oh yeh), vintage bike & car tent, fair grounds for the kids. All-sorts!
Hope to see you there!

Charity Gig : Thatched House, Stockport : Sunday 4th May

Charity gig in favour of the Rainbow Family Trust. Live bands pretty much all-day from around mid-day. Fury UK on stage about 9.00pm & headlining the event. Come & support this very worthy cause! It's Bank Holiday Sunday of course, so most of you won't have to worry about getting up for work the next day! Awesome!

Fury UK

Butchers Arms, Bolton : Friday 2nd May

Always a cracking gig. Hope to see you there!

Fury UK

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Chris : interview on Rock247Online

Interview on Rock247Online

Chris Appleton was interviewed by Chris Nelson on his show at Rock247Online. To listen to this interview go to

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Hard Rock Hideout : Salvation CD review

         Hard Rock Hideout : (Salvation CD review)

"The production on this disc is very good. I love how I can hear the cymbals crash as if drummer Martin McNee was bashing the skins in my living room....if the 3 songs on this disc are any indication to the future of this band, then Fury UK will be huge before long. 8/10"

To read the full review, click HERE.

Needless to say we're well pleased with this review. Thanks to Rob Rockitt for his words.

Fury UK xxx

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Lost In Forever : lyrics & meaning

"Lost In Forever". We've just uploaded the mp3 track to MySpace today & thought it'd be cool to share the lyrics & meaning behind them :-

Angels will walk the sky
Devils they will pray
Meet our fate with open arms
Our world begins to play
As I walk into the sun
Unspoken mystery
Those dark eyes feed on us
I am life & life is me

I'm lost in forever
Please forgive me
Lost in forever
Please remember me

Times pass by like a lonesome road
A picture in my mind
As I burn on through the cold
Inner-sense will find

(repeat chorus)

Angels walk the sky, devils they now pray
Meet our fate : no open arms, find another day
Times passes by, pictures in my mind
Burning now through the cold, innocence will find


What does this shit mean? We reckon these lyrics sum up those times in life when it's all going wrong, you're lost in nothingness i.e. forever, with no-one to turn to. (everyone say "arrrr"). Inspired in part by the torrid time a friend of the band was having at the time the lyrics were written, & his downward spiral as a lost soul. In fact that person, who shall remain nameless here, kicked back big-time to get life back on track which of course is what life does - kicks you in the bollox several times over before somehow turning things around when all seems lost.

So, the message is "don't let the bastards grind you down & rock on!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fury UK

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Adam : Cort endorsement

Adam Cropper is delighted to announce officially his endorsement deal with Cort basses. He took delivery just yesterday of a Cort A4 Artisan Bass & used his new weapon of choice at rehearsals last night. We await his detailed comments regarding his new acquisition.

Big thanx go to Cort for this deal.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Upcoming show : The Cricketers, 12th April

Hi everyone, how's it going?

Yes it's the Cricketers, this Saturday, 12th April for our usual madness & fun. The above shots of the FUK crew say it all really...this is what to expect!

Looking forward to this one & expecting a good crowd. This is the 1st time our new line-up has played there.... Martin & Adam - you're in for a good 'un!

Cricketers Arms,
19-21, Milnrow Road,
Oldham. OL2 8AP.

Starts about 9.00pm.

Full set of originals & covers.... we'll be playing the songs from our new EP Salvation, Fury UK standards & some covers which we like to think are a bit different to what many other bands are playing on the circuit.

Don't forget to check out our tunes at & keep checking this blog for news updates.


Fury UK

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Metal Messiah Radio

Last Friday (4th April) we were delighted to co-host Mad Ian's Metal Asylum Show, on Metal Messiah Radio. We spent a fun-packed 4 hours with Ian, throughout his entire show that day, rapping about music, stories from the road, our favourite gigs, favourite bands etc. It's "wall-to-wall" metal, loads of coffee on tap & wait for it....choccy biscuits. Now there's a guy who knows how to look after his guests!

You can check out details of Mad Ian's show at

Ian, big thanx again from Fury UK. Looking forward to seeing you at our gig at The Butchers, Bolton, 2nd May.