Friday, 31 December 2010

New video "I See Red"

Hi all, here's our video for "I See Red" put together from various pieces of footage taken during our tour dates September-December 2010. Plenty of behind-the-scenes type stuff & good fun. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks again for the amazing support in 2010, a very happy new year to everyone. \m/

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

People power!

Hi everyone,

today we decided to ask you, as fans & audience, to help us choose our setlist for 2011. There's a full list of possible songs to choose from & we're asking you to pick your favourite 3 from that list. To have your say please log into your Facebook profile & then click on this link....

Facebook : Fury UK 2011 setlist choices - & leave your comment there.

Or.... if you prefer just leave us a comment on this blog.

Really looking forward to seeing your views.

Thanks as always!

Here's the options.... just pick your fave 3....

I See Red
Fall From Grace
One God
Show Of Force
Run Away From No-one
Alien Skies
The Remainder

Game Over
The Hostage
Playing With Violence
The Human Condition
The Last Invention
Call To Arms
Death By Lightning

Lost In Forever


Monday, 20 December 2010

Manchester & Dudley : we salute you!

Chris @ the 106.1 Rock Radio Party (thanks to Steve Brinkman for this photo)

Our final 2 shows of the year were the 106.1 Rock Radio Official Xmas Party which we headlined last Thursday in Manchester & the Big Bash on Saturday at Dudley JB's, headlined by Blaze Bayley.

A fantastic turnout of our local support in Manchester made for a great night in Manchester & at Dudley, despite truly horrendous snow & ice, a valiant effort by all resulted in an amazing night which made us proud to be metalheads, made even more impressive bearing in mind the rumours & difficulties at that venue which has long since been threatened with closure. As far as we know JB's continues but even if that was the last Big Bash at that venue, it was a fitting, committed & passionate night of metal & a credit to everyone involved.

Watch out for our review of 2010 coming up soon!


Fury UK

Blaze Bayley @ Dudley, JB's (thanks to Andrew Gloster for this photo)
Fury UK @ Dudley, JB's (thanks to Andrew Gloster for this photo)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Thank you Switzerland, next up Manchester & Dudley

Thank you Switzerland, we loved the gig at Z7 this weekend just gone, our 2nd appearance at this famous venue. Thanks also to all of you that travelled from Belgium, France & Germany, you are amazing people & it was great to see you. Thanks too of course to Blaze Bayley & his band Jay, David, Nico & Claudio who ripped up a storm as headline band on the night & finally thank you to the fantastic people at the venue who looked after us so well, especially the owner Norbert. \m/

We're back in Europe in March when we play 2 shows in Belgium, plus we also expect to announce a show in Holland for the same trip. More news on this soon.

Meanwhile, that's one gig gone this week out of our final 3 shows of 2010 & next up is the 106.1 Rock Radio Official Xmas Party on Thursday 16th, followed by our last show of the year at Dudley, JB's on Saturday 18th. We know plenty of you are turning out at these shows & we can't wait. You rock!!!! \m/


Fury UK

Friday, 3 December 2010

A Way Of Life : album review at Hell Spawn, Belgium

We're very happy to receive this 88/100 album review at the Hell Spawn website in Belgium....

"nicely varied CD.... pure class!" Read more....