Saturday, 29 March 2008

S.O.P.H.I.E. : everyone pls read this

Here’s a copy of a message we received from Sarah Walter which is self-explanatory. If there’s just one thing you do today make sure it’s this :- Please take a few minutes to read & add your support to the efforts & messages put across here & at


Dear Fury UK,

I am sorry to bother you as i know you must be busy but i was wondering if you could help a cause that is dear to me. Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were brutally attacked in Stubby Lee Park in Bacup, Lancashire last August. They were kicked and punched in the head, and had their heads stamped and jumped upon. They were both left for dead and when the paramedics got there their injuries were so bad that they could not tell the gender of the two victims. They both went into comas and two weeks later Sophie died. Robert survived but still to this day has brain damage.

This happened because they were dressed differently. The only motive for this attack was because the couple were dressed and known as "Goth".You may have heard about this as recently one of the group of children who did this to them, (they were aged between 15 and 17 years old at the time of the attack,) was tried for the murder of Sophie and found guilty. He and another boy who pleaded guilty to the murder of Sophie will be sentanced on April 28th.

You may be thinking that it is a bit late for me to messege you seeing as the trial has already happened but it is not the trial that we need help with. Sophie’s mum Sylvia and some friends have set up a campaign in Sophie’s name - S.O.P.H.I.E - Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere. It is this campaign that i ask you to help with.All we ask is that you put the banners on your webpages, and spread the word as much as you can. Sophie’s life was ended because she was wearing different clothes/make-up etc to those who attacked her and her boyfriend. is the webpage set up by the campaign in order to spread the word and raise as much money and awareness as possible so that we can try and stop this horrific act happening again and so that Sophie’s death has not been in vain. On this webpage you can find the banners (or there is one on my page if you’d like to copy that) and information about the campaign and also where people can make donations, buy wristbands and t/shirts to help the cause.All we ask is for you to use your influence as a world known music artist to spread the word as much as possible. With your help we can reach more people and hopefully make sure that this can never happen again.Sophie was a beautiful, kind and caring girl who was kicked and stamped to death purely because she dressed differently.

Please help us to make sure this stops NOW! Thank you so much for reading this email.

Kind regards,

Sarah Walter.

What the FUK is going on??!!

Here at Fury UK HQ there’s a strange thing occurring - no gigs!!?? What the FUK is going on???? We’re usually out there, hitting the road, strutting our funky stuff across the country. We’ve been promoting our latest CD "Salvation" here, there & everywhere & now....nothing!? Usually those lervly people at Rocksector have us working our asses off - what do they expect us to do now?... get a life??!! yeah, right!

....well, in fact we know what’s happening, he!he! We’re having a little rest...yes, you heard us right ... a well-earned break. We’ve started writing for the next full’s a good while before we’ll be ready to even start recording so it’s a long term thing. Expect a release date probably early 2009 we think. Depends how it goes. We’ve got the rough outline of about 7 songs but we’ll be doing whatever it takes to get it just right. That’s what we did with "Salvation" & we hope the results speak for themselves...the reviewers seem to think so....sorry, sounded dead big-headed that & we didn’t mean it that way, we’re just proud of how the CD has gone down so far.

Got some gigs to come of course. Cracking little pub gig on 12th April at the Cricketers, Shaw, Oldham. Love it there, nice little room, stage & great folks. This is first time there with Adam & Martin so expecting a good ’un. Full pub set so expect FUK standards, newies & some shit-hot covers. Just that in April to keep us ticking over then in May we kick off with a stormer at the Butchers, Bolton on 2nd May...pretty unbeatable really as pub gigs go. Then on 4th May we’ve got a charity gig at Thatched House, Stockport, in aid of the Rainbow Family Trust, organised by our good friend Kaz. Starts about mid-day, loads of bands all day. We’re on about 9.00pm.
Finally, in May we’re onto new territory at the Fox, in Oswestry, Shropshire, on 25th - heard good things about this place so looking forward.

We’ve got gigs in June & July also, some newies, some regulars & all building up to those biggies at the Bull Dog Bash in August & the Rock of Ages Fest in September. Anyone wanting info on tickets for these just give us a shout on here. We’re already taking a good posseeeee to Rock of Ages Fest & expect the same for the Bull Dog when the tickets are available. By the way, the early bird deal on prices for Rock of Ages Fest finishes on 31st March so better be quick!

Meanwhile, we’ve gotta plug the CD again - it’s available online & in-store at Vibes Records & X-Records. See our MySpace profile for links.

So, that’s what the FUK is going on!

CYA soon! Thanx a lot!

Fury UK xxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Photos from Doncaster Gig

New photos uploaded to the band's gallery at

Monday, 24 March 2008

End of Salvation tour

Well, it’s officially ended - the Salvation Tour, & what a trip! We’ve got plenty of gigs to come this year (as usual) but the official tour to promote the new single/EP is over, the last night being NO kinda let-down at Hall Cross Rock Bar, Doncaster.

Where’ve we been to? let’s see - started 7th Feb in Kendal (up in Cumbria - you know, beautiful lakes & all that shit), then to Bolton (bikers galore), Limelight at Radcliffe Civic ("official" launch of the CD), Lancaster (back up north), Hyde, Bristol (nice to be down south again), Manchester (not for the 1st time & obviously not the last, our very own Grand Central), Leeds (awesome gig at the Uni), The Monsters Of Mosh Festival (awesome too, included Breed 77 & Blaze Bayley), Ramsbottom (a silly night of beer & craziness, happened to coincide with the "Rammy Mile"), and last but definitely not least, Doncaster on 22nd March. We missed Coventry ’cos the promoter pulled out of the venue & missed the Glass Barrel ’cos sadly the buggers shut down - v.sad to see this one go, had some great times there courtesy of John & Carolyn. So we ended up with 11 gigs on tour & loved (almost) every minute.

Thanx to everyone who came to support us, bought the CD, Tshirts etc, or who generally just helped us do what we do best - rock-out!!!!

We’ve just posted some new piccis here on MySpace, from the Doncaster gig. Thanx to Mick Ball for providing these.

This last weekend of the tour has been pretty mad really. As above the Ramsbottom gig was a little crazeeeee especially as it coincided with what’s known as the Rammy Mile, when the locals (& not so locals) trek round the town drinking every hostelry dry. Needless to say from early doors in the evening when we arrived to play, the punters were somewhat giddy (good word?) & we knew we were in for a lively night. Funny how people with a couple of drinks down them seem to take well to the Hot As FUK thongs & as usual we sold a few, which usually makes for some interesting cavorting as all manner of people decide to proudly show off their newly purchased underwear. The drunken-ness almost ended in tears twice over as firstly one young lady tried break-dancing in front of the band, tripped & fell into the stage area straight towards Martin’s beloved vintage drum kit - he was of course ready with two open strategically placed hands to break the young lady’s fall (ahem!!!!) only to be thwarted at the last moment as she regained consciousness (oh, sorry, I mean balance). A couple of the crew then spent the rest of the evening shepherding some highly drunken dudes back from the stage & PA system as they appeared as unsteady on their pins as the afore-mentioned young lady. We love playing the pub circuit as well as the so-called "better" quality venues but sometimes it can be a pain in the arse & although we still had a good time, this one was a bit much at times. All a bit tense, BUT we definitely appreciated the support from the more "sane?" supporters including Luke, Crazy Mike & Nick who did what they do best - headbanged, & the reasonably new crew members Amber & her mates (sorry, don’t know everyone’s name yet!) who supported the band this night, made us feel very welcome in town, headbanged & helped make it all worthwhile. Thanks all of you & we hope to see you again very soon. Enjoyed a beautiful chicken kebab afterwards....maximus shreddus & all that!

Onto Doncaster the next day. An early start to get over there (across the Pennines) wondering what the snow would be like (it was ok). In the venue early for soundchecks all done & dusted without incident. Time for food (a main theme amongst the crew this weekend) & off to KFC in two shifts & lots of buckets of chicken & fries all very nicely coooked by Colonel whatsisname....well worth a trip down to KFC by the way simply ’cos of all the young flesh on show in the local bars/alleys which one HAS to walk by to get to KFC - really has to be seen to be believed. Anyway we were staying over in the venue so packed all our sleeping bags up & the crew hit the bar whilst the band stayed sober til after the show. Hall Cross Rock Bar is a happy hunting ground for FUK & we’d not been there since the line-up of the band changed last October, so we were happy to show off the "new" guys & play the new set. Twas nice when Adam Reaperman was introduced to our host, Gary, who said "well you better be good or you’re fukin dead!". Thanks Gary, no pressure then? :) Anyway, twas an awesome night indeed, with much dancing/headbanging & some riotous moments especially when Chris made his way into the audience for some more shredding, the immortal Death By Lightning, & Iron Maiden’s Fear of The Dark once again proving a popular choice. More than one encore in the end & a right good do!

After the gig we all got strapped into some serious beer drinking & eventually made our very merry way upstairs where we passed a drunken & ridiculous time until the early hours when we eventually ran out of steam (lightweights). The camcorder was sneaking around as usual & some completely crazy shit was filmed much of which we can never show to anyone - we have several hours of this crazy immature stuff from various venues/tours/travelodges etc & one day we’ll edit it down a bit & release it unfairly on the world. The main features of this night were Crazy Mike’s hogging of the camera yet again - this guy gets some beer down him & goes from shy to extreme very quickly. When there’s a camera in the room his metamorphosis is then complete as he strives to make it into every shot possible. And also when a camera is out why is there always someone who wants to drop their trollies & show some crack? And what was Chris trying to do to Adam with that large pole & a corkscrew? And why did Nick look like a caterpillar? And why would Catt ever want to stay anywhere near us ever again? And why did Lynne tell someone to "f*k off!"? It’s all too much honestly, thank god this is a thinking man’s band??!!

Next morning, with several sore heads we eventually escaped the Hall Cross & had breakfast with Annette & Bo at a local park cafe they recommended which was bloody fantastic & totally cheap (always a help on the road). Once again food rears its’ ugly head. All without incident except for Crazy Mike who again gets a special mention for sulking his way through breakfast ’cos he was a sausage or bacon short - or something like that....Mike, live with it dude, we’ll treat you to an especially big breakfast next time, fill yer boots mate! :)

That’s it from FUK HQ. Big thanx again to everyone. We’ll see ya all very soon. Next gig is in a couple of weeks’ time at the Cricketers, Shaw. Some video & stuff coming soon.


Fury UK xxx

Monday, 17 March 2008

Monsters of Mosh piccis

New piccis from the Monsters Of Mosh Festival, at

For more details about Fury UK , go to

Monsters Of Mosh (Sunday 16th March 2008)

Hello Bloggers alike. The mighty ReaperMan reporting in for this... errr.... blog. So.... 'ere we go!

Monsters of Mosh, Manchester, Jillys! What a challenge the promoter peeps had for them, to co-ordinate 14 or so bands over two stages (One inside Jillys, one in the Music Box, I think). Some of these bands include Breed 77 (headliner 1st Stage), Blaze Bayley, Forever Never (Headliner, 2nd Stage), Tokyo Dragons, Incassium... and of course, Fury UK.

Main Stage Run-down: Midnight Rebels, Spit Like This, Fury UK, Tokyo Dragons, Blaze Bayley, Breed 77.

Set was stellar, kicking off hard and heavy with Salvation and Manslaughter, followed by old favourite Breakthrough. Then it was time for the six-minuter, the epic Lost In Forever, which went down nice enough. Then a new attempt for the current line-up: Krueger. Considering Krueger wasn't a strong song in rehearsals for a while, it went smoothly and was well recieved. Then.... the ultimate.... the highly catchy.... Death By Lightning, to round up an amazing set. Truely an amazing song to end with, and was just truely awesome!

Jillys crowd was intense, really getting into the grooves and riffs of the FUK-in' machine! Thank you to all those people who watched us, as well as buying our stuff! You know who you are!

Also a big thanks to the promoters @ Jillys for acomplishing a mammoth task set ahead of you all! Thanks to Blaze Bayley and band too, for another night of laughs. More thanks to Spit Like This, Tokyo Dragons and Midnight Rebels for a great night. And, of course, thanks to Breed 77 for such an amazing evening, a killer set, and for the opportunity for us to play with you guys! Truely awesome!

This is me, the ReaperMan, signing off. Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New review of Salvation

Live4Metal : (Salvation CD review)

"the guitar has some excellent solo moments as the drums are battered and the vocals strong. It seems to have been written for the live arena, and I have no doubt will get any crowd moving"

To read the full review, click HERE.

Monday, 10 March 2008

2 new Salvation CD reviews

  • Hard Rock Haven : (Salvation CD review)
    "....This has to be Petrucci, or Romeo, or Broderick, or some guitar guru on stage wielding this kind of guitar might, right? You have to hear Appleton play ..."
To read the full review, click HERE. Thanks to Derric Miller.

  • Heavy Metal Time Machine : (Salvation CD review)
    "....It's a shame there aren't more metal bands coming out these days who know how to crank out real metal with the ease and precisions of Fury UK"

To read the full review, click HERE. Thanks to Metal Mark.

Monsters Of Mosh Festival

Just 6 days to go to this monstrous event at Jilly's Rock World, Oxford Rd, Manchester. Yes, Sunday 16th March sees Fury UK back in Manchester, & proud to be on the bill with Breed 77, Blaze Bayley, Tokyo Dragons & more, on Stage One. Tickets can still be obtained direct from the band or just look into the details on the eflyer above.
Are YOU going to Monsters Of Mosh? Comments please!
Fury UK

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Bruce Dickinson Rock Show and stuff

A great start to the week,the guys were hacked on myspace, lost 11,500 friends but as always with Fury UK the band laughs in the Face of Adversity and carries on regardless! Chris,who hasnt had much sleep this week, is on top form artistically in my opinion, so shrugs his shoulders and looks forward to the next show!

Tuesday was Total Rock Radio, DJ Chloe playing the band, with a big shout-out for the Rock of Ages Fest in September. A big thanx to Chloe and the band will be in touch to do that interview soon!

Thursday new myspace up and running and lots of fans come flooding back. Sad news again though one of the bands longest running venues closes down...The Glass Barrel... a great bikers pub falls down and shuts its doors. I think the smoking ban has alot to answer for. Bring back snugs and vaults, one room for smokers one for non smokers!!

Friday was better....I Got an e mail from BBC Radio to say the guys would be on that evening.... the Bruce Dickinson show.. Awesome.... first time aired on his show. Big thanx for the shout out and the nice comments, Bruce. The show can still be listened to on a podcast still, here's the link to Bruce's page at BBC6 :-

Nice end to a mental week

Leeds University Gig

You know those times when we rap on about how good our gigs are? yer know, the special ones when nothing can go wrong etc... there was the Butchers Arms, Bolton on New Years Eve, Grand Central, Manchester a few weeks ago? Well, sorry guys but we're going to do it again 'cos we're proud of it, it was a goody!

First of all, the gig was at the Rock Of Ages night, at Mine Bar, Leeds University which is on the 1st Saturday of every month. Run hy a top geezer called Pete. He also likes Rush so can do no wrong in our eyes! If u live in the Leeds area (or even further away) & like rock/metal & don;t go to these Rock of Ages nights we think you may be crazy! :) Honestly it's a top night, reasonable prices, good bands are booked & the club night afterwards is awesome too (was voted no.1 club night in Metal Hammer, 2007). Details at

We played 1st March & was an awesome experience. We'd arrived at the venue early & apparently did pretty well to find the place - it ain't easy! When we arrived we couldn't miss the 2 massive tour buses parked out front - we thought the promoter had really pushed the boat out for us there, "well, we've really arrived now lads, Charlie big times now, wonder if there's any groupies laid on too?" ....LMFAO...back to reality as we're told the buses are Korn's - they were in town ready to play the following night. We were very considerate afterwards as we didn't park our beat-up Ford Transit (called Dorothy) too close to Korn's buses - we didn't want the Korn dudes to get confused yer see & end up in the wrong vehicle!

We did all the usual soundchecky things, good sound, everyone happy. Only water to drink - yes, we know, what's the world coming to? Sober b4 the gig, then we got strapped into our rider of lager & Newcie Brown afterwards - made up 4 the pre-gig sobriety with a vengeance, especially Chris.

The support band was Inamba, from Wakefield, good band & they warmed things up very nicely. Modern-sounding rock band, pretty heavy in places, melodic. Nice one guys.

The venue was filling up nicely, we'd guess about 200/300 in total, & we took the stage at about 10 o'clock-ish, opening up with Salvation & Manslaughter from the new CD/EP. Great reaction so everyone was feeling good. Foloowed this up with more detuned madness with Mist n Darkness (still prefer to call it Pissed & Fartness) & Breakthrough. We thought Mist went especially well. Things then seemed to crank up a further notch with Lost In Forever, the 3rd track from the new CD & beginning to get some airplay wher the 1st 2 tracks have been radio faves so early on since the CD was released. Great reception from the audience & not that there was any doubt but that cemented the feeling we were on a great night. The well-established Natural Disaster followed then a couple of stalwart tracks from the "My Tomorrow" album - Power Of God & Mercenaries. The reaction to Mercenaries was up again another notch. Then an inspired addition to the setlist...Chris asks the audience "are there any Iron Maiden fans here?" ....SHIT YES!!!!, pretty clear there's one or two out there...better play it well...."Fear Of The Dark". The audience went pretty wild, even more headbanging & evryone freaking out, arms in the air, loads of singing.... "oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh" know how it goes. Fantastic atmosphere & the band loved it. THANK YOU everyone. Chris summed it up when he proclaimed to the crowd "you're awesome"!!!! Dead right. We finished up with the (almost) compulsory Death By Lightning which went down a storm & that was it, off for the beer.

Thanks everyone there, we were made really welcome, & have had great feedback/lots of add requests on MySpace. Pete, who booked us, said we were in his top 3 bands from 2 years of running this night. Thanks also to Helen & the crew from York - about 30 of you in all, we think, great to see ya & hope to see ya again soon. Thanks also to Alex & the crew who travelled over from Manchester area, plus Sadie & her friends from Leeds.

There's a video clip of Fear Of The Dark from this gig, on YouTube at

That's it for now, lots of blowing our own trumpet we know but gotta celebrate these highpoints, we're buzzing. Back on local turf this Saturday at the Glass Barrel, Atherton, not far from Manchester, for a full pub set 10 o'clock to midnight-ish, plus a bit! Rock on!!!!

Fury UK xxx


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