Sunday, 12 October 2008

UK Tour w/ Core of Nation: Part 2: 25th - 28th September

This is the final Tour blog that i will do now, this will finish up on all the dates that we performed with Core of Nation.

On the 25th September, We set off to Liverpool with some of our old friends tagging along, Alan, & Linda who have been following the band for some time now, and have grown to be some great fans & friends. Also Cocker the Rocker who first met us at an AC/DC convention and has followed the band ever since. Cocker the Rocker has also brought some of his friends like Samson who is a great guy and good o have a chat with, and Bruce Dickinson haha now i bet your all wondering is it the real Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, but no we just think he looks like him very much, and we always like it when he has a little sing with us haha. So, we set off to Liverpool for again another long drive, these roads never end when your on tour. We arrived at the venue and things were looking good. Unfortunately for Chris he had an extra spicy Curry for tea that night, and it all came back in a hurry so Chris was in the toilets half of the night haha. Anyway, we all had a sound check and we had plenty of time to spare, so half all of Core of Nation apart from Damma went to get something to eat, and me, Chris, Martin, Damma & Mark stayed in and watched the gear.

We were all sat down having a good chat and waiting for the bar to open. As soon as the bar opened Martin, Chris & Mark rushed off haha. So it was just me & Damma left alone hehe. We got in a sarcastic fight after a while hitting jokes against each other haha, the last one i said was that your a swedish dwarf, but then Damma looked all upset then i was like oh im sorry Damma i didn't mean any harm at all, but suddenly he jumped on me, i had a little Swedish guitarist jumping on me with his big beard lol.

Later on the night the gig had finished and we all heard lots of noise outside, we were all very curious and we took a look when we went to pack all the gear away. Suddenly swarms of hot girls every where, i was in the best heaven ever. Core of Nation mouthes dropped haha. Short skirts and thongs showing ; )

The next day we headed off to Doncaster to play the Hallcross Rock Bar. We have been to this venue many times and have went down very well. But we are usually a bit scared of the owner Gary who is a bit crazy haha, but he is a great laugh and treats us very well.

We were all very tired and yet again we had another 2 hour drive to Doncaster. Alan & Linda also came with us that night. But we had our 2 of our best roadies aswell Mike & Nick, who love to have a drink now and then. When we arrived at the Hallcross we met our good friend Mick who was taking pictures for us at the gig. We met up with Annette, Bo, & Catt who we have known for quite some time now. After the show we were all having a laugh Alan, Nick, Mike, Mick all pissed out of their minds, suddenly it all went silent then Alan went crashing onto the floor.

We began our set and we played for 1 - 2 hours, we were exhausted haha. It is a hell of a lot of fun though. We were all sleeping over that night, and the last time we slept over in Doncaster it was alot of excitement haha. We actually found the original Nintendo, but unfortunately the wires were snapped in half haha. We also found some miniature shoes which looked like the Seed of Chuckys shoes. Haha we were even more scared lol. It was a haunted room.

The next morning it was another early start to set off to The Fox in Oswestry. But sadly Linda & Alan had to go home for work. The rest of us made our way to Oswestry. Another pretty long drive, id say it was 2 or 3 hours. It was very close to Wales.

We finally arrived at The Fox, we were extremely tired and sweaty. So we unpacked all the gear and thought we'd get cleaned up at our Travel Lodge. We have been to the Fox one time before, and we had a brilliant gig last time, and it was the same this time. This was also our last gig of the tour, we were very upset to see Core of Nation leaving, but first we had to celebrate on that night which we all will remember for the rest of our career. This was a special night because at the end of Core of Nations set we had a huge Jam session. At times it was Me, Rickardo, Martin & Rolf. Other times where it was Chris, Martin, & Rickard. Others where it was Me, Hank, Damma, Chris, & Rolf. Like i said this was a night we would never forget.

After the Jam we met up with some radio hosts such as DJ Moonlight from JFL Radio & Claire from Oswestry Surround Sound. They were great people and they also did a radio interview with us. We were very pleased that they enjoyed both bands. We were mainly happy for Core of Nation because they came all they way from Sweden and each venue they played they got a hell of a response.

Finally the night had ended, we all returned to our Travel Lodge with a fan called Kate, we met her once before the last time we were at Oswestry. So we had a few drinks with her and thrown a huge party at the Travel Lodge. Again this was a night we`ll never forget. Rickardo also brought a little Cigarette holder which was made into a Amplifier so me and him has a little jam in our room.

The next morning it was time to go back to Manchester and say our final fare wells to Core of Nation. We were all sad to see them go, but we promised that we will be doing this again very soon. We went to the airport with Core of Nation and said bye 1 last time.

On a final note we would like to thank everyone who attended the shows on the Tour, all our fans & close friends who supported us along the way, the Road Crew for doing an excellent job at lifting gear, all the radio hosts that came to the shows, to all the venues and pubs that let us play, to Rocksector records for making all of this happen, and finally to Core of Nation who played excellent at all of the shows and never stopped trying. We will miss you guys, and hope that you will be successful in the future.

We this is the last blog on the tour, i hope you guys have enjoyed everything ive said and took in what Fury UK do on tour. Ive learnt what they do, and i love every second of it.



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