Monday, 11 August 2008

The Reaperman leaves....

We have to announce that for personal reasons our bass player Adam Cropper, also known as The Reaperman, has decided to leave the band. Adam, who has been a pleasure to work with during these past 10 months leaves with our respect & thanks for his part in a very important period for the band. We were gutted to receive his resignation & although we understand his decision to leave & it was probably the right thing to do, his part in the band's development will not be forgotten. From what Adam has told us he expects to put his music career on hold for the time being but in any case, we wish him every success & happiness with his work & life both in & out of the world of music.

Although the timing was not expected, we had an inkling this may happen which means we're in a very lucky situation that we have a new bass player able to step in at least on a temporary basis .… Luke Appleton, brother of our lead vocalist/guitarist Chris. As a very capable bass player in his own right & a big supporter of Fury UK we know that Luke already knows much of the band's setlist which means we have no worries about asking him to pick up the reins immediately. This means that Luke's first gig with the band will be Bloodstock. Welcome Luke & thank you for stepping in.

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