Saturday, 11 October 2008

UK Tour w/ Core of Nation: Part 2: 22nd - 24th September

So the following morning after the Bedford Park Hotel show, Damma, Rolf, Chris & Martin went off to do a radio interview with DJ Catbird at Total Rock Radio, which went very well for the boys. Big thanks to DJ Catbird for that also for coming to the Purple Turtle show later that same day, together with DJ B1 from Braingell Radio who also came to the show with his partner G. Awesome! Meanwhile this left Me, Mark, Rickard, Rickardo, Hank & Nicklas, to pack all the gear up from the venue. But whats a morning without a breakfast haha. While we were eating our big full english breakfast, Hank came down with his Monkey business shirt on haha, which was just perfect lol.

Anyway, later on we arrived at the venue, all tired sweaty and stinky, btw on tours you dont really have that much time for a shower so its just 5 or 6 fully grown men all sweaty and stinky imagine that haha. Well apart from me i always make time for a shower haha :). We lugged all the gear in the van and we set off to Camden, to play at a venue called The Purple Turtle. It was a long drive, about 2 or 3 hours.

Finally, we arrived in Camden and unloaded all the gear once again. When we went in the venue we were amazed, it was a huge, great, venue. With a slight jungle theme to it. We were all excited, mainly because there was a cute bar maid hehe You guys should know me by now i like my women haha. After we unpacked all the gear into the venue, we made a quick stop at our Hostel. Haha it sounds lethal that. "HOSTEL" thats what it was called the place where we were staying over night. I was very scared because ive seen the movie Hostel, so never go into a Hostel if youve seen the movie haha. But it was good because again we had a Hot looking girl in the same room as us. For those of you that dont know wot a Hostel is its a Hotel where strangers share the same room with each other. So yer it was pretty good when you women in the same room. ;)

Later on we met back up with Damma, Rolf, Chris & Martin, and we set off to the Purple Turtle which was only round the corner of where we were staying over night. The gig was awesome, we played along side a local band called Cavalar who were top, they had a great singer, and the drummer was on fire. Core of Nation were top of their game as usual. Never seen them have a bad gig and i think we had a pretty gd set aswell, if i do say so myself hehe. Later we returned to the hostel with some take away Hot chicken and chips, how tasty lol. Then it was time for some sleep.

The next morning it was another early wake up call by the boss ( Mark ). We had to get off early to the Yorkshire House in Shrewsbury. We have never played here before so it will be a gd first timer. We got to the venue and it looked really good, it was a complete rock theme goin on the walls, and they had ACDC wallpaper, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth. I felt like i was in heaven. When we got all set up we were ready to play, we were really excited and ready, there was something about the venue that made us know that it was going to be a good night. When Fury UK started playin 2 hot blondes caught my eye, and i was in luck haha. After the show we got talkin hehe well i wont say more now haha. It was a very gd gig and we all made some new fans and sum new friends ;).

As soon as we finished playin we had to rush off back to manchester as we were going to play Grand Central the night after. So another long drive home lol. The night had come when we were in Manchester, setting up to play. We had yet again a very gd sound and a gd gig. Core of Nation were especially gd this time one of the best ive seen them play. After the show we chilled out for a while. We had a chat with the manager Tony, had a drink or 2, and terrorized Hank lol. Me, Mike ( who is our roadie ), Chris & Martin, love to have a little fun with Hank. Hehe just a little game we play. Also our radio friend Josi came along with her 2 South African friends. They were all a great laugh and was very happy to see them. Thank you for comin Josi!

Finally the time had come where we were kicked out of Grand Central and sent home haha. We had a really good gig, we always love playing Grand Central because the atmosphere is brilliant. This is the 2nd out of 3 blogs i am doin for you guys on the UK Tour. So 1 more to go after this. So p[lease check out the next one soon.



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