Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Update : half year / next gigs / new album

Well, we thought it was about time we did an update regarding plans for the coming months….

…. to set the scene, here we are half way through 2008 already & like most people we can’t believe it’s gone so fast. We’ve played 19 shows this year so far which is pretty busy considering we took January off the road to record the “Salvation” EP. Some great highlights including our trip down to Bristol’s Area 81 Rock Club, Leeds University, Monsters Of Mosh Festival (with Breed 77, Blaze Bayley), Doncaster’s Hall Cross Rock Bar, Oswestry’s Fox Inn, & Bradford’s Brewery Tap. Had some great reviews of the EP (check the website reviews page at & had more radio airplay than ever before .… e.g. Bruce Dickinson’s Show at BBC6, Rock Radio Manchester 106.1FM, Preston FM, Total Rock Radio, Hard Rock Radio Live, Hot Rocks, JFL Radio, Braingell Radio, Rock247 Online, Overloaded Milton Keynes FM, & we’ve also done more radio interviews & guest spots than ever before (these are all the stations that spring to mind right now, & our thanks also to all those who happen not be listed here!). All-in-all, not been a bad first half in Fury UK world!

So what’s coming up? Well as we stand now we have a further 25 gigs booked this year (including another gig with Blaze Bayley), plus of course we have a UK tour with our Swedish friends Core Of Nation to be announced shortly… that’ll be another 8 or 9 dates. There’s one or two other possibles kicking around too. Almost all of our gigs have been in the North of England so far but most of you probably know that in the past we’ve always enjoyed the trips south of our native Manchester. It’ll be excellent that we’re now looking forward to trips to London, Exeter, Birmingham, Stratford & more. We should also mention we're proud to be playing the Bulldog Bash biker festival in August & the Rock of Ages Fest in September - see the gig schedule at our website for details.

Regarding recording, there had been a plan to look at doing a new album in August/September. However, the powers that be (i.e. our label & management) tell us that’s not clever because the band is so busy, the focus really wouldn’t be on the recording the way it should be & the way it deserves to be…. they’re right of course! So, with our increasing gig commitments for the rest of the year it’s been agreed the recording of the next Fury UK album won’t happen til January & February 2009 - we’ll be taking both those months off the road.

The writing for the album is in fact well under-way & so far going extremely well. We’re at the point of being able to rehearse some of the new tracks & there’s a mix of a heavier feel, with some definite moments of clarity, plus an undoubted progressive element. We’re certain we’ll surpass “Face Of Adversity” by a good way - quietly confident of that & looking forward to getting these new tracks down in a few months’ time.

Some people are surprised when we explain that the 3 tracks on the “Salvation” EP are NOT going to be on the new album. That EP was a one-off piece of work which stands alone in its’ own right & we definitely wanted to come up with more than 6 or 7 brand new tracks for the album when it gets done. “Salvation” therefore now becomes a limited edition, a one-off testament to the Fury UK sound & performances of 2008. Similarly, the “Salvation” T-shirts are a one-off & as people at our live shows will understand, the EP (signed by the band) & T-shirt are available as a “package” for £10 in total. Details of this & all other merch are at

A big thanx goes out to all the radio & press people who’ve commented & supported the band this year so far. It’s been by far our best year in this regard & it’s totally welcomed by the band.

Last but not least, an enormous thank you to all fans for sticking with us, whether it’s turning up in good numbers to see our live shows or buying CDs & T-shirts, or simply supporting & listening to us online. Whichever way your support is delivered, it’s definitely appreciated!


Fury UK

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