Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rock of Ages 2008

Hey guys, well were back from Rock of Ages, and i must say we had an amazing time. The gig took place in Birmingham at a venue called The Asylum.

We set off on Friday 6th September, so we could have a chill out watchin the bands.
We had a long drive for about an hour and a half or so, and managed to get lost many times on the way haha. We arrived at the Travel lodge to drop our sleeping gear off, and have a break. Then we set off to the Asylum with all our road crew along side. Btw cheers for all the ppl who came especially Crazy Mike,as it was his birthday on Saturday, and who also got totally drunk all weekend haha. Pretty funny. Happy Birthday doode. We stayed all day at the Asylum watching the bands. There were many bands that i took interest to, like Burn who were my fav band for the weekend, really gd Progressive Metal. So good they even got me up head bangin haha U gotta love em.Waysted.... well were Waysted ....what did u expect but cud still belt out some crackers. The Tygers of Pang tang headlined and were gud also. Beholder who opened the day were really heavy and suited the dark atmosphere of the venue. THE dark blue walls really felt like u were in an asylum , the bar staff were dressed as crazy doctors and nurses who we all had our pics took with LOL( drool drool)

Later on that night we all returned to the Travel Lodge,( we had to hire all the taxis from the local taxi rank as so many peeps came with us from manc and we all wamted to get drunk so left our cars back at the lodge) and it was time to party haha :). We all settled in to our room, where i shared with ma best mate Matty and our drummer Martin, then all of the Road Crew, Fuk crew, band and fans gathered to Crazy Mikes room and surprised him with a huge Caterpillar birthday cake, with candles haha, a little silly for a 19 year old but he didnt complain when he was eating it haha. I sure did have my share :D.some interesting peeps arrived in slippers, and others in pajamas( didnt know it was a slumber party) Finally it was the end of the night or shud i say the start of the morning haha, so it was time for some sleep, knowing we had a big day on Sunday.

Sunday morning came and i dont think any1 could be bothered opening their eyes haha, but unfortunately we had to be out of the hotel by 12. So me Johnny and Emily who were also part of the Road Crew went down for big big breakfast. Its every mans dream to get a nice full english breakfast in the morning. We also met up with some more of the Crew, Alex, Ashleigh, Jordan, and Rob, all had a bit of a chat a drink, but then we all had to return and pack all our stuff up. B4 we went i decided to have a shower but i noticed i didnt bring a hair dryer haha, and when u have really long hair u really do need and want a hair dryer lol So i wass runnin from room to room with nothing on jus 1 towel round me waste haha quite embarrasin and if you dont think so i think u shud try it haha ;).

We arrived at the venue then we had afew hours wait until we go on, and we were very excited. Finally the time had come, we approached the stage and began playing those first notes. It felt incredible and we loved every minute of it. After our 45 min set we had a radio interview with Angel of Metal, which was great, a gd interview and funny, something involving groupies hehe :). We were also greeted by sum fans who loved the show, and also some photographers who seemed really impressed,( looking forward to the pics Red)

So was a really gd festival all round, i am loving this band more and more each gig. I cant wait for the next :D. Hopefully cya guys soon. Thanks to everyone that made the trip down to Brum braving the weather we appreciate it. Tour starts next week with CON hope to see u at a show soon.

Cheers Luke

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