Sunday, 31 August 2008

All Access Mag Review

Theres a great New Salvation Review up at All Access magazine... heres a slice of it... the link is below to read the full review....

.....Chris shreds your ear drums with a solo that sounds like Dave Mustaine and Randy Roads battling for musical supremacy.
To top off the awesome single there are also two marvellous b-sides as well, the first is "Manslaughter" which vocally, delivers like Machine Head's classic "Davidian" if James Hetfield had bellowed the chorus. This track also highlights Martin's skills as a drummer; all I can say is that the kit he recorded with must be battered and bruised as he has the precision and skill of both Lars Ulrich and Nicko Mcbrain. This track really has the potential to be a future Fury UK classic.

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