Thursday, 15 May 2008

Total Rock Radio & Gibson Guitars

Well, we were well-pleased to be invited down to London into Total Rock Radio to do an interview. We ended up being there for well over an hour which was pretty awesome - saw it through to the end of the show . DJ Catbird is a cool guy , excellent to talk to & we covered all sorts from the history of the band, line-up changes, the CDs, previous gigs, upcoming gigs, plans for the next album. Our label was there with us too & was able to mention some of the other bands on the roster, such as Core Of Nation, Toxic, Breakdown, Smith 6079 & more.

Other important topics covered were real ale & curry.

Catbird dragged(?) us off to the pub after that! LOL. Many many thanks to Catbird, we had a great time & was a pleasure to be sat in the same seats as some previous interviewees e.g. Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith et al.

After leaving the pub we were off to the London offices of Gibson Guitars to collect Chris' new Gibson SG Standard guitar, in black. Now those of you who know Chris will understand his excitement - Chris, already a Gibson-user, is something of a gear-addict! Big thanks to Gibson for this guitar which is part of the artist deal they arranged for Chris. This guitar will be a mainstay of Chris' playing for years to come.

We then made our merry way back up to sunny Manchester - yes, it really IS sunny at the moment , believe it or not!

Chalk that one up as a good day at the office!

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  1. Very cool indeed!! Nice one Chris with Gibson deal!