Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cricketers 13th September

Last night we were gigging at the Cricketers in Shaw, which went down pretty gd. It wasnt the biggest crowd ever but it was still a gd night and a good response.

A few hours before the gig started me, and sum of the FUK Crew went out shopping. Which was the most fun i never want to have again haha. We went off into Bury lookin for sum new t-shirts for me, but we ended up buying me a new belt which looks awesome, if i do say so myself haha. And also we bought me sum new Playboy Boxers. ;) Just for the ladies hehe. Special thanks to Mattie from the FUK Crew for pickin them out.

Later on we set off to the Cricketers, me Crazy Mike, and Zofo who is our head merch girl. We were travelling to pick Mattie up, but then half way to the Cricketers noticed that we forgot to pick him up haha, he was not amused. oh well. we had to do a quick u turn and go get him, after all he did do all the personal shopping today!

We finally arrived at the Cricketers, and then began to unload all the gear, we met up with some new & old friends.Thanks to everyone who came from the Well and Whittles. Then we hit the stage, and had a great set, also we had lots of new friends head banging for us which was awesome. Very Cute dancers ;) Couldn't wait to meet em hehe. At the end of our set we were chanted to do an encore, & I decided to do an an epic bass solo, it went down pretty well. Almost forgot to mention Martin did about a 15 min drum solo, showing off his Bonham, Powell, and jazz stuff, it was incredible, but very sweaty (the night was one of the hottest of the summer,and very sticky, but the venue supplied us with a huge fan which was on my side of the stage... awesome)

So it was a pretty kwl gig, i enjoyed it very much. Dint get home till 3am yawn.... This was also our last gig before the UK Tour with Core of Nation and also we're appearing with Firewind on 20th (next Saturday )at Rios in Leeds.

So we`ll hopfully cya guys at one soon.

Cheers guys


.... almost forgot! .... we've been confirmed to headline the Helloween Ball at The Met Theatre, Bury on 29th Oct. Awesome line-up with Babylon Fire, Decadenze, Code Zero & Liquid Theory. Tickets available from the bands or the Met Theatre, £5 each. Fancy dress!

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