Friday, 16 May 2008

New / update : Bulldog Bash 2008

We can now breathe a sigh of relief at the news that the 2008 Bulldog Bash bikers' festival is to go ahead. The event - Europe's biggest of its' kind - had been under threat due to police concerns that tension between rival motorbike gangs would be a danger to the public. As most people are aware the situation arose following the murder of biker Gerry Tobin last year whilst he travelled home from the Bulldog Bash but thankfully after reassurances from the organisers of the event & the implementation of special powers for security, the festival is set to go ahead this year at the Shakespeare County Raceway in Warwickshire.

The four-day festival is a family event and in 21 years there have never been any serious incidents.

Earlier this year we were the first band confirmed to play the 2008 festival, alongside great bands such as The Wildhearts & Orange Goblin. It was an honour when we were confirmed to play but then when the doubts came up about the licence for the event to go ahead we really thought we'd lost the opportunity.

We're all unbelievably relieved at the news that the organiser's appeal has been successful & now we plan to make the most of it. We've always enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the biker community.

The Bulldog Bash runs for 4 days beginning Thursday 7th August & we play on Day 2. Tickets are available now online at or direct from the band at , or just message us here at myspace.

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