Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

We're just getting ready for our gig tonight - the final date of our European Tour 2011 & it looks like we'll be seeing a great many of you at the venue tonight as there's just a small handful of tickets remaining.

We'll see many of you there, but for those not able to make it along we wish you here & now a very Happy & Successful 2012 & we look forward to hooking up again next year.

We'll see you out there! Thanks as always \m/ \m/

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fury UK jam with Iced Earth....

We were honoured to jam with Iced Earth in Ludwigsburg, Germany, for our last show together on 11th December, marking the end of Iced Earth's European leg of their World Tour. The song choice was Jon Schaffer's - the awesome "War Machine" by KISS.

The tour is complete except for our homecoming/New Years Eve show at The Towler, Bury which we're really looking forward to. We have lots to tell & thank you's to be said when we get our act together(!), currently just collecting our thoughts after a truly amazing 6 weeks on the road.

For now we thank our metal brothers from Iced Earth - Jon, Stu, Freddie, Troy & Brent, plus all their crew & management, all of whom could not have treated us any better. You are all awesome. Thanks also to the amazing friendship & support from fans at each show. More video, photos, reviews, stories soon.

Thanks as always \m/