Sunday, 2 November 2008

Helloween Ball: 29th October

Last Wednesday it was the Helloween Ball. This was an awesome night with bands such as: Babylon Fire, Decadenze, Liquid Theory, & Code Zero. Each band was pretty awesome, with their own style -  Babylon Fire had a very Heavy Metallica theme, & Liquid Theory were Progressive Metal a bit like Dream Theater/Megadeth. All cool!

This night was fancy dress night so we had lots of weird & wonderful zombies, ghosts, werewolves & witches roaming around the venue. It was interesting to play a set in front of this crowd!

We were visited by a lot of friendly faces that we've met before - DJ Moonlight from JFL Radio, who was dressed impressively as a witch, accompanied by Uncle Fester from Adams Family.It was also Moonlight's birthday so pretty cool she decided to spend the evening with us. Also we had good friends all the way from Oswestry - thanks Carol, Nigel & Dan.

A great gig and the crowd was 200+ which made for a cracking atmosphere, & each band got a great reception.

After the show we all were pretty tired, sweating and unhealthy, much needing a drink. Unfortunately we the bar was closed by this time so we couldn't cool off quite as well as usual. The van was a little unhealthy on the way home shall we say?!!

The finale to the night was when we were packing the gear away & Rick from Babylon Fire managed to get stuck in the lift. It was pretty funny unless you're Rick of course :). The venue called the Fire brigade which as well as rescuing Rick seemed to keep our Fury UK merch girls quite happy. All in a nights work around here eh?!!

Thanks a lot to everyone who turned out to this one. It was everything we'd hoped for with the fancy dress, atmosphere, friends & fun. Cool stuff! 

CYA soon!


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