Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pre-order "VR" album from HMV, £9.99, FREE delivery

HMV have our "VR" album available for pre-order now for just £9.99 & UK delivery free.

Click this link to check it out :-

With stunning artwork by Mark Wilkinson (who's also done album covers for Judas Priest, Marillion & many others).

Here's a few extracts from recent reviews of "VR" :-

"Chris is clearly a talented singer & guitarist combined .... influences are clear, from early Black Sabbath through to early Iron Maiden, they are still able to bring these styles up to date and provide that modern missing link that fans of the above have been waiting for."

"imagine early Metallica and Megadeth but fronted by Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe fame .... and let’s face it Crane unlike Hetfield and Mustaine could actually sing .... Throw in lyrics I am lead to believe Ronnie James Dio would have been proud of and you have VR." (reader's rating 10 out of 10).

"big riffs wrapped around a powerful vocal & thumping rhythm section .... an outstanding slice of metal"

Thanks a lot.


Fury UK

Monday, 29 June 2009

Update from the road

This is overdue! Sorry, can't always do this when we'd like but here we are!

The past couple of weeks has been a bit of a blur. We played the Marlborough Festival on the day we last blogged, that was a tough day. 7 hours to get there from Manchester to London, due to several delays on the motorway which has become a consistent thing in our recent travels during the 2nd half of this tour. The Marlborough wasn't the best-attended of our recent gigs but the people were good to us & we're glad we made the trip. Following that we were at the Roadhouse, Birmingham & what a night that proved to be. A crowd of around 160 I think it was & we got a fantastic reception & what a cool venue that is, following a recent re-fit. Would have been nice to see it beforehand to appreciate the changes but nevertheless is a great place to play & we'd love to get back there. Very cool green room area to kick back before the show.

Then during the middle of last week we suffered a nightmare journey to Southend with yet more traffic delays including 2 accidents we saw the aftermath of, plus one we actually saw. 6 hours later we arrived at the Riga Bar which was more than worth the journey. We got an amazing welcome from the people there & there was a real buzz around the place. The Southend Echo had written a really nice piece about Blaze Bayley & us in their issue the week before & maybe that fired everyone up for a great night? Whatever it was it worked. Oxford's Bullingdon Arms the next night was less well-attended but we seemed to do well there still. After that it was another sorry journey home as the clutch went dodgy on the Fury UK-mobile - we managed to limp home but it's in the garage for some TLC i.e. a new clutch.... ouch! sounds expensive but hoping management/label will once again get their hands in their pockets ;)

We should do some more writing about the current album reviews soon because the feedback is really positive so far. Some reviews are up already at http://www.furyuk.com/ but there's more to come we hear so will let you all know as & when.

Next up it's down to more new territory at Bideford, Devon, to the Palladium Club on Friday, 3rd July with Blaze Bayley, then we headline the Oswestry Rock & Ride festival on Saturday, taking the stage at 4.30pm in Festival Square. We've always been looked after well in Oswestry so definitely up for that one.

After that it's Friday 10th July, down to the South West again to Plymouth, White Rabbit, new one again for us. Then we hit the road straight after that show to make our way back to Manchester to get ready for the SOS Festival, co-presented by Rocksector Records & Rock Radio Manchester 106.1FM. Awesome line-up as most of you know -

Blaze Bayley, Fury UK, Nightvision (excellent reviews recently & double-page features in Metal Hammer & Powerplay magazines), Decadenze (starring role at recent Darwen Festival & also supported Blaze on the Scottish leg of his UK tour), Babylon Fire, Incassum, Serotonal (featurng ex-Anathema vocalist Darren White), Crosswire (featuring New Model Army guitarist Marshall Gill), Exit State, Defiant, Falling Red.

Get advance tickets for SOS Festival for just £5 by visiting Ticketline here :- http://www.ticketline.co.uk/artist/s-o-s-festival-2009 or by telephone to 08714244444 . The door charge on the day is £7.

When that awesome weekend is over, marking the end of the UK tour with Blaze Bayley (boo-hoo!), we take just a few days break then begin our "VR Tour" to promote the release of the new album on 13th July. This tour includes several dates with our Swedish labelmates Core of Nation who are touring the UK again. There's one or two more dates to be confirmed on the VR Tour but so far it looks like this :-

15th : MFN Club, Shipley Gate (Nottinghamshire)(support from NG26 Nightvision)
16th : King Edward VII, Blackpool
24th : Whittles, Oldham (support from NG26)
25th : Old Isaacs, Atherton (support from NG26)
30th : Bootleggers, Kendal
1st : Bridge Rats MCC "Rat Pack Rally", Halifax (Decadenze also playing)
2nd : Sawyers, Kettering (support from Core Of Nation)
4th : Axe & Cleaver, Boston (support from Core Of Nation)
5th : Purple Turtle, Camden, London (supporting Praying Mantis, Core of Nation also playing)
6th : Grand Central, Manchester (support from Core Of Nation)
7th : Trillian Rock Bar, Newcastle (support from Core Of Nation)
8th : The Bulldog Bash, Stratford-upon-Avon (headliners UFO & Motorhead)

Phew! Got a bit carried away there, plenty to think about. Thanks a lot as always.

CYA on the road!


Fury UK

Friday, 19 June 2009

Kerrang & lots more this week

Hi all, we were delighted to go in for a live interview with Tony @ Radio Warrington. First time we'd met him & he proved to be a top bloke, loves his music & knows his stuff. Thanks Tony for looking after us & for a really interesting interview. People! .... check out his Rock Show on Wednesdays from 8pm at http://www.radiowarrington.co.uk/

We're at Birmingham tomorrow night, The Roadhouse, picking up the trail on the tour with Blaze Bayley & we understand both Kerrang Radio (Johnny Doom - http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk/Article.asp?id=245724&spid=10008) & Phoenix Radio (Nigel - http://www.phoenixradio.co.uk/core/home.php) are coming along to interview us which should be cool. Our good friend Red Shaw is also there to take some piccis - she last photo'd us at the Rock of Ages Fest last year & did a great job so we look forward to catching up & seeing some ace piccis later on.

We've just heard that 1Radio are to interview Chris live on air on Sunday night, 7.45pm. http://1radio.org/ Looking forward to that one.

.... and last but not least, Bruce Dickinson is playing Fury UK again on his show tonight at BBC6 http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/bruce_dickinson/ . He's played "Salvation" previously but tonight is choosing a track from the new album, so really interested to see which one he chooses.

We're playing in London tonight, The Marlborough in Camberwell. A late set at about 11.30 headlining their first festival day there. Looks gooooood!

Hail! Hope to see you on the road but if you're staying at home don't forget to put the radio on! :)

Fury UK

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bruce Dickinson to play Fury UK : 19th June

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is to play a track from our upcoming album "VR" on his radio show at BBC6. This occurs from 9.00pm GMT this Friday 19th June. We wonder which track Bruce will choose to play?

To tune in to Bruce Dickinson's show go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/bruce_dickinson/

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Reviews of the new album & recent gigs

Sonic Dice (VR album review)

"Chris is clearly a talented singer & guitarist combined. This is often hard to
find, a frontman who also plays a perfect lead guitar role. His vocals
often sound reminiscent of Dave Mustane .... Although the bands
influences are clear, from early Black Sabbath through to early Iron
Maiden, they are still able to bring these styles up to date and provide
that modern missing link that fans of the above have been waiting for".

DSD (VR album review)

"imagine early Metallica and Megadeth but fronted by Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe
fame. So what you get is a Classic Hard Rock and with a singer, and
let’s face it Crane unlike Hetfield and Mustaine could actually sing,
who can do just that. Throw in lyrics I am lead to believe Ronnie James
Dio would have been proud of and you have VR." (reader's rating 10 out
of 10).

Mayfair Mallzine (VR album review)
"big riffs wrapped around a powerful vocal &thumping rhythm section .... an
outstanding slice of metal .... ‘Brotherhood’, an all metal anthem which
showcases perfectly just how the band has matured.... guitar solos come
thick and fast, but they are equalled by some great bass lines & a
monster drum sound throughout".

Mayfair Mallzine (Gig review : Trillians, Newcastle, Blaze Bayley UK Tour)
"the band are now a proper united front who truly believe in the music they
create and the direction they are travelling in...." "a sample of what to expect from the bands forthcoming album 'VR' and what better way than the title track ‘VR’....this was sheer brilliance...." "Death By Lightning.... one of the finest pieces of metal you’ll hear".

Rockunited.com (Gig review : Hobbits, Weston-super-Mare, Blaze Bayley UK Tour)
"a hell of a good show .... some of the best solos I've seen for a long
time .... early Metallica with a bit of Megadeth, but without copying
either band in any way"

Get Ready To Rock (VR album review)
"....excellent production and playing .... the
music is compelling with some proggy and unexpected touches in places,
and there is the energy of a nascent Megadeth but without the thrash
.... an excellent album and things can only get better for the band"

Calles Rock Corner (VR album review)
"sounds very much as Dave Murray & Adrian Smith .... The Last Invention..technique & melody..magnificent. Sublime! .... Outpost is a beautiful power ballad".

Go to the reviews section at www.furyuk.com to read more reviews, together with links to each reviewer.

The album is available NOW to pre-order at these retailers :-

Saturday, 13 June 2009

New photos from Camden Underworld

New photos from the Camden Underworld show on 30th May, with Blaze Bayley.

Visit www.furyuk.com to see more in our Pics section.

© 2009 Noel Buckley/GRTR! www.getreadytorock.com

Thanks to Noel from Get Ready To Rock for his work here.


Fury UK

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Photo Shoot

We did a new photo shoot with Neil Pilkington of NP Photo this week @ our rehearsal studio. Please visit our website at www.furyuk.com for a selection of the best pics from this session so far.

Big thanks to Neil for his work here.


Fury UK


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Update from the road

Here we are again with another 3 shows completed on the tour & what a run of shows they were. Last Thursday we were in Norwich. Now this wasn't the best attended show on the tour but of course this one was rearranged at short notice after the previous venue shut down. Big thanks go out to the Brickmakers for putting the show on at short notice & was a decent sized crowd & a great response.

Onto Peterborough for probably the best sound on the tour so far. What an awesome system & sound engineer Les knew how to get the best out of it. This was a Fury UK highpoint I would say, an amazing gig for us at an amazing venue. We stayed on for the club night which followed on from the gig & ended up a little drunken shall we say? Peterborough city centre was "entertaining" when in full flow on a Friday night/Saturday morning & it was only manners to sample burger & chips from a van near the Travelodge for a very late supper.

Next up was Camden Underworld on Saturday. A Saturday night in Camden in itself was an ambition for this band & the anticipation plus a little nerves was certainly there for this one. We weren't disappointed & a full crowd of some 290 people plus guest list made for a hot night. We opened up early at 7.30pm but were relieved to see a packed crowd for pretty much all of our set which went fantasticly well apart from Martin busting a kick drum skin (sorry to Larry from Blaze's band for the necessity for an emergency replacement skin in the changeover). This, like Peterborough, was a highpoint with another great sound, amazing crowd response & plenty of familiar faces amongst the guests. The crowd singing "Hail!" with us in Call To Arms was inspiring. Awesome support all round for us & then Blaze & the guys of course ramped things up even tighter. So, hopefully we did our job there, warming things up nicely. After the gig we were ushered out of the venue unduly quickly but all was good as we made our way to the aftershow party down the road at the Purple Turtle. The party rocked almost as much as the gig - at least if Chris' partying was anything to go by (well done for the duck-walk Chris - Girls, Girls, Girls!). Bands, crew, family & friends all pretty tipsy into the early hours & more than one very sore head plus a little sickness next morning - salute to Sager for the most sickness we've seen for quite some time.

Thanks all for these shows. Truly a privilege to be involved.

Next up on the tour with Blaze we're at the Yorkshire House, Lancaster on Friday 5th June & Victoria Bikers Pub, Coalville on Saturday.


Fury UK