Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Butchers Arms/Thatched House Gigs: A Review!

Once again, the bass playing ReaperMan is here to recap and review the weekends gig schedule that has come to pass. So... 'ere we go!

Friday night saw us returning to a favourite venue of Fury UK's: The Butchers Arms in Bolton. Rather than being in the smaller room of the venue, we ended up in the larger room (where we had a killer New Years Eve show), which meant no rickety Fire Escape stairs to negotiate. Plenty of supporters from the crew, the Scavengers, and the general public. The gig itself was immense and as always the Scavengers and the people there were very supportive and appreciative of the music we played, which included some Face Of Adversity classics like “Wicked Glass” and “The End” (of which hadn't been in the Fury UK set since a few weeks ago), and new covers from the school of Motorhead: “Killed By Death”, and our own take on their song “Hellraiser”.

A funny, but nearly serious event, at the Butchers came in the form of Chris, tripping over whilst checking sound levels with Mark, and nearly falling either into the speaker cabinets, or Gibson SG first onto the floor. However, Chris is like a cat: He will always land on his feet.... or someone elses.

Sunday night, and it's Charity Night. We were playing at the Thatched House in Stockport, a house of rock, metal, and rather nice ales (hee hee). The gig was for the Rainbow Family Trust, and there were pleanty of bands on for the day, including Breakdown, Rogue Frequency, and many others! Chris and Martin getting to the venue for 1pm, with pleanty of drinking on hand (I suppose), with Captain Forté arriving later on at 7pm. We were on for an hour, being the headlining band. Such an amazing set, but a very bloody warm one! Was so hot, you could've probably fried an egg on top of Chris' ENGL (but of course, that isn't advised). Lovely people there too, really supporting a good cause and rocking out as always.

Big thanks to everyone who set up the Thatched House gig, as well as Mad Ian and Josi for coming down to the gigs, Peeeete, the usual suspects from the Fury UK Crew, the Scavengers for having us back, and all the new fans of Fury UK! We hope to see you again very soon.

This is Captain Forté signing off!

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