Wednesday, 30 April 2008


As alot of you may know, FURY UK are due to play BULLDOG BASH 2008. 
This is something that we are very proud to announce, and is a truely great honour for us. 
Alot of our early memories as musicians was playing biker's bars & rallies, 
and so this will be the ultimate! Some of the headline bands for the festival
have yet to be confirmed. But so far we're playing alongside the likes of 'The Wildhearts',
'Tyla & Dogs Damour', 'Orange Goglin' & 'Rattlesnake Remedy'. We can also offer everyone
tickets for the bash, but you must remember to contact asap, so we can put your name down.
Either send us a message on myspace, or email us via our website
The tickets are not just for the day FURY UK playing. The tickets are for the entire festival. 
Thursday - Sunday. If you are unfamilar with the Bulldog Bash, it is not only a biker & music festival. It has everything. The usual Biker racing strip, 2 stages for live bands, rave tent, hot dogs & burgers, strippers (oh yeh), vintage bike & car tent, fair grounds for the kids. All-sorts!
Hope to see you there!

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  1. I will be there for this one and im a Bulldog Virgin ive been told!!