Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Adam : Cort endorsement

Adam Cropper is delighted to announce officially his endorsement deal with Cort basses. He took delivery just yesterday of a Cort A4 Artisan Bass & used his new weapon of choice at rehearsals last night. We await his detailed comments regarding his new acquisition.

Big thanx go to Cort for this deal.


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  2. Thanks to Cort Guitars for making such a marvelous bass guitar in the Artisan A4. Truely an amazing bass, with great sound, action, and a comfy feel to the player. I am also glad to be an endorsee of Cort Guitars, and that there are great things to come from both parties!

    Now let's rock and roll!!!!

    X-{AdamC}-X {FuryUK}

  3. Awesome news Adam, can't wait to see you and the new A4 in action and well deserved too!!