Saturday, 12 April 2008

Lost In Forever : lyrics & meaning

"Lost In Forever". We've just uploaded the mp3 track to MySpace today & thought it'd be cool to share the lyrics & meaning behind them :-

Angels will walk the sky
Devils they will pray
Meet our fate with open arms
Our world begins to play
As I walk into the sun
Unspoken mystery
Those dark eyes feed on us
I am life & life is me

I'm lost in forever
Please forgive me
Lost in forever
Please remember me

Times pass by like a lonesome road
A picture in my mind
As I burn on through the cold
Inner-sense will find

(repeat chorus)

Angels walk the sky, devils they now pray
Meet our fate : no open arms, find another day
Times passes by, pictures in my mind
Burning now through the cold, innocence will find


What does this shit mean? We reckon these lyrics sum up those times in life when it's all going wrong, you're lost in nothingness i.e. forever, with no-one to turn to. (everyone say "arrrr"). Inspired in part by the torrid time a friend of the band was having at the time the lyrics were written, & his downward spiral as a lost soul. In fact that person, who shall remain nameless here, kicked back big-time to get life back on track which of course is what life does - kicks you in the bollox several times over before somehow turning things around when all seems lost.

So, the message is "don't let the bastards grind you down & rock on!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fury UK

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