Monday, 17 March 2008

Monsters Of Mosh (Sunday 16th March 2008)

Hello Bloggers alike. The mighty ReaperMan reporting in for this... errr.... blog. So.... 'ere we go!

Monsters of Mosh, Manchester, Jillys! What a challenge the promoter peeps had for them, to co-ordinate 14 or so bands over two stages (One inside Jillys, one in the Music Box, I think). Some of these bands include Breed 77 (headliner 1st Stage), Blaze Bayley, Forever Never (Headliner, 2nd Stage), Tokyo Dragons, Incassium... and of course, Fury UK.

Main Stage Run-down: Midnight Rebels, Spit Like This, Fury UK, Tokyo Dragons, Blaze Bayley, Breed 77.

Set was stellar, kicking off hard and heavy with Salvation and Manslaughter, followed by old favourite Breakthrough. Then it was time for the six-minuter, the epic Lost In Forever, which went down nice enough. Then a new attempt for the current line-up: Krueger. Considering Krueger wasn't a strong song in rehearsals for a while, it went smoothly and was well recieved. Then.... the ultimate.... the highly catchy.... Death By Lightning, to round up an amazing set. Truely an amazing song to end with, and was just truely awesome!

Jillys crowd was intense, really getting into the grooves and riffs of the FUK-in' machine! Thank you to all those people who watched us, as well as buying our stuff! You know who you are!

Also a big thanks to the promoters @ Jillys for acomplishing a mammoth task set ahead of you all! Thanks to Blaze Bayley and band too, for another night of laughs. More thanks to Spit Like This, Tokyo Dragons and Midnight Rebels for a great night. And, of course, thanks to Breed 77 for such an amazing evening, a killer set, and for the opportunity for us to play with you guys! Truely awesome!

This is me, the ReaperMan, signing off. Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!!!!

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