Sunday, 9 March 2008

Leeds University Gig

You know those times when we rap on about how good our gigs are? yer know, the special ones when nothing can go wrong etc... there was the Butchers Arms, Bolton on New Years Eve, Grand Central, Manchester a few weeks ago? Well, sorry guys but we're going to do it again 'cos we're proud of it, it was a goody!

First of all, the gig was at the Rock Of Ages night, at Mine Bar, Leeds University which is on the 1st Saturday of every month. Run hy a top geezer called Pete. He also likes Rush so can do no wrong in our eyes! If u live in the Leeds area (or even further away) & like rock/metal & don;t go to these Rock of Ages nights we think you may be crazy! :) Honestly it's a top night, reasonable prices, good bands are booked & the club night afterwards is awesome too (was voted no.1 club night in Metal Hammer, 2007). Details at

We played 1st March & was an awesome experience. We'd arrived at the venue early & apparently did pretty well to find the place - it ain't easy! When we arrived we couldn't miss the 2 massive tour buses parked out front - we thought the promoter had really pushed the boat out for us there, "well, we've really arrived now lads, Charlie big times now, wonder if there's any groupies laid on too?" ....LMFAO...back to reality as we're told the buses are Korn's - they were in town ready to play the following night. We were very considerate afterwards as we didn't park our beat-up Ford Transit (called Dorothy) too close to Korn's buses - we didn't want the Korn dudes to get confused yer see & end up in the wrong vehicle!

We did all the usual soundchecky things, good sound, everyone happy. Only water to drink - yes, we know, what's the world coming to? Sober b4 the gig, then we got strapped into our rider of lager & Newcie Brown afterwards - made up 4 the pre-gig sobriety with a vengeance, especially Chris.

The support band was Inamba, from Wakefield, good band & they warmed things up very nicely. Modern-sounding rock band, pretty heavy in places, melodic. Nice one guys.

The venue was filling up nicely, we'd guess about 200/300 in total, & we took the stage at about 10 o'clock-ish, opening up with Salvation & Manslaughter from the new CD/EP. Great reaction so everyone was feeling good. Foloowed this up with more detuned madness with Mist n Darkness (still prefer to call it Pissed & Fartness) & Breakthrough. We thought Mist went especially well. Things then seemed to crank up a further notch with Lost In Forever, the 3rd track from the new CD & beginning to get some airplay wher the 1st 2 tracks have been radio faves so early on since the CD was released. Great reception from the audience & not that there was any doubt but that cemented the feeling we were on a great night. The well-established Natural Disaster followed then a couple of stalwart tracks from the "My Tomorrow" album - Power Of God & Mercenaries. The reaction to Mercenaries was up again another notch. Then an inspired addition to the setlist...Chris asks the audience "are there any Iron Maiden fans here?" ....SHIT YES!!!!, pretty clear there's one or two out there...better play it well...."Fear Of The Dark". The audience went pretty wild, even more headbanging & evryone freaking out, arms in the air, loads of singing.... "oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh" know how it goes. Fantastic atmosphere & the band loved it. THANK YOU everyone. Chris summed it up when he proclaimed to the crowd "you're awesome"!!!! Dead right. We finished up with the (almost) compulsory Death By Lightning which went down a storm & that was it, off for the beer.

Thanks everyone there, we were made really welcome, & have had great feedback/lots of add requests on MySpace. Pete, who booked us, said we were in his top 3 bands from 2 years of running this night. Thanks also to Helen & the crew from York - about 30 of you in all, we think, great to see ya & hope to see ya again soon. Thanks also to Alex & the crew who travelled over from Manchester area, plus Sadie & her friends from Leeds.

There's a video clip of Fear Of The Dark from this gig, on YouTube at

That's it for now, lots of blowing our own trumpet we know but gotta celebrate these highpoints, we're buzzing. Back on local turf this Saturday at the Glass Barrel, Atherton, not far from Manchester, for a full pub set 10 o'clock to midnight-ish, plus a bit! Rock on!!!!

Fury UK xxx

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