Thursday, 17 December 2009

MSG Tour : so far so good

Well, last night was the first night of the tour with Michael Schenker Group & what a fantastic start. A Manchester sell-out crowd turned up & we thank each & every one of you that supported us, the welcome we received was world class!

All went off well, the night opened by the quality of power metallers Powerquest who had to "lever" all 6 band members onto a tight stage area, plus guest vocalist on one song, making 7 people in-all at that point .... cosy! Then we stepped up, with a little more freedom to move around as a 3-piece which has a definite advantage at these times! Following our intro music "The Last Invention" we powered through "VR", "The Hostage", "Brotherhood" & our customary set-closer "Death By Lightning", with the crowd now in positive mood ready for Mr.Schenker to take the stage.

Thanks again, great night & a great start to the tour. Snapshot taken as above but some rather better quality photos to come courtesy of the maestro with the camera Neil Pilkington. We also have some video footage that will make its' way onto YouTube before too long.

Next up Sheffield tonight. Bring it on! Can't wait.



Fury UK


  1. Saw the band for the first time on Wednesday at Schenker's Manchester gig - impressed. I should have bought the album at the show, travelled home feeling guilty I hadn't and bought VR from Amazon as soon as I got in. All the best for the future!

  2. Saw you in Manchester on Wednesday at the Schenker gig - impressed! I should have bought the album at the show on the way out, didn't, felt guilty on the way home and bought VR from Amazon as soon as I got in - all the best for the rest of the tour and hope the stages get bigger!