Thursday, 3 December 2009

Back from Greece, it's Switzerland next!

We arrived back from Greece last night & with little more than 24 hours back on home soil, we fly to Switzerland tomorrow, ready to play the fantastic Club Z7 on Saturday, supporting the mighty Blaze Bayley. Greece was an absolute blast, with highs & lows as always with touring & we have lots to tell. No real time to tell our stories right now but next week when we have chance to catch up properly when we'll be back with more news, some video footage & of course "Scootergate"!?.... don't know what that is? Check out Blaze Bayley's blog or the news at Rock Radio Manchester, Blabbermouth or several other music websites where the latest stories are available. So, it's Switzerland first, then a big catch up & all getting ready for the Michael Schenker tour which starts in Manchester on 16th December. Good times / happy days. Thanks all & especially right now thanks to all those crazy Greek metal-head-banging bastards! \m/ You were awesome!


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