Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Update from the road

Here we are again with another 3 shows completed on the tour & what a run of shows they were. Last Thursday we were in Norwich. Now this wasn't the best attended show on the tour but of course this one was rearranged at short notice after the previous venue shut down. Big thanks go out to the Brickmakers for putting the show on at short notice & was a decent sized crowd & a great response.

Onto Peterborough for probably the best sound on the tour so far. What an awesome system & sound engineer Les knew how to get the best out of it. This was a Fury UK highpoint I would say, an amazing gig for us at an amazing venue. We stayed on for the club night which followed on from the gig & ended up a little drunken shall we say? Peterborough city centre was "entertaining" when in full flow on a Friday night/Saturday morning & it was only manners to sample burger & chips from a van near the Travelodge for a very late supper.

Next up was Camden Underworld on Saturday. A Saturday night in Camden in itself was an ambition for this band & the anticipation plus a little nerves was certainly there for this one. We weren't disappointed & a full crowd of some 290 people plus guest list made for a hot night. We opened up early at 7.30pm but were relieved to see a packed crowd for pretty much all of our set which went fantasticly well apart from Martin busting a kick drum skin (sorry to Larry from Blaze's band for the necessity for an emergency replacement skin in the changeover). This, like Peterborough, was a highpoint with another great sound, amazing crowd response & plenty of familiar faces amongst the guests. The crowd singing "Hail!" with us in Call To Arms was inspiring. Awesome support all round for us & then Blaze & the guys of course ramped things up even tighter. So, hopefully we did our job there, warming things up nicely. After the gig we were ushered out of the venue unduly quickly but all was good as we made our way to the aftershow party down the road at the Purple Turtle. The party rocked almost as much as the gig - at least if Chris' partying was anything to go by (well done for the duck-walk Chris - Girls, Girls, Girls!). Bands, crew, family & friends all pretty tipsy into the early hours & more than one very sore head plus a little sickness next morning - salute to Sager for the most sickness we've seen for quite some time.

Thanks all for these shows. Truly a privilege to be involved.

Next up on the tour with Blaze we're at the Yorkshire House, Lancaster on Friday 5th June & Victoria Bikers Pub, Coalville on Saturday.


Fury UK


  1. It was great to see Catbird from Total rock there and Col and Ron from Moshpit and Hard rock Radio Live too at the Underworld... i so love Camden!!

    Great gig guys, i loverd every minute of it and what i can remember of the after show too!

  2. I'll admit (to my shame) that I've been out of the metal loop for a good while, so had never heard of you guys, but loved every second of that gig, so you have a convert. Proper metal, done properly! Nice one.