Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Reviews of the new album & recent gigs

Sonic Dice (VR album review)

"Chris is clearly a talented singer & guitarist combined. This is often hard to
find, a frontman who also plays a perfect lead guitar role. His vocals
often sound reminiscent of Dave Mustane .... Although the bands
influences are clear, from early Black Sabbath through to early Iron
Maiden, they are still able to bring these styles up to date and provide
that modern missing link that fans of the above have been waiting for".

DSD (VR album review)

"imagine early Metallica and Megadeth but fronted by Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe
fame. So what you get is a Classic Hard Rock and with a singer, and
let’s face it Crane unlike Hetfield and Mustaine could actually sing,
who can do just that. Throw in lyrics I am lead to believe Ronnie James
Dio would have been proud of and you have VR." (reader's rating 10 out
of 10).

Mayfair Mallzine (VR album review)
"big riffs wrapped around a powerful vocal &thumping rhythm section .... an
outstanding slice of metal .... ‘Brotherhood’, an all metal anthem which
showcases perfectly just how the band has matured.... guitar solos come
thick and fast, but they are equalled by some great bass lines & a
monster drum sound throughout".

Mayfair Mallzine (Gig review : Trillians, Newcastle, Blaze Bayley UK Tour)
"the band are now a proper united front who truly believe in the music they
create and the direction they are travelling in...." "a sample of what to expect from the bands forthcoming album 'VR' and what better way than the title track ‘VR’....this was sheer brilliance...." "Death By Lightning.... one of the finest pieces of metal you’ll hear".

Rockunited.com (Gig review : Hobbits, Weston-super-Mare, Blaze Bayley UK Tour)
"a hell of a good show .... some of the best solos I've seen for a long
time .... early Metallica with a bit of Megadeth, but without copying
either band in any way"

Get Ready To Rock (VR album review)
"....excellent production and playing .... the
music is compelling with some proggy and unexpected touches in places,
and there is the energy of a nascent Megadeth but without the thrash
.... an excellent album and things can only get better for the band"

Calles Rock Corner (VR album review)
"sounds very much as Dave Murray & Adrian Smith .... The Last Invention..technique & melody..magnificent. Sublime! .... Outpost is a beautiful power ballad".

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