Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tour update

We've so far been to Bury, Grimsby, Southampton, Swindon & Mansfield on the tour with Blaze bayley & we've loved every minute. The warm welcome we've received at each venue has been a pleasure to see & we've really enjoyed our playing time. And of course each time we've finished we get to kick back, grab a beer & watch Blaze's set which is awesome. We also get to meet & chat with all of you guys out there. It's been a very very cool experience so far. The travelling has been hmmm .... interesting, the motorway services taking a pounding especially with the capuccino to keep our driver's eyes open. A few 5.30 am finishes along the way but hey! .... it's rock n roll. Thanks by the way to Mansfield for the excellent participation with the "Hail!" chants in Call To Arms - awesome!

We're off to Newport on Thursday (TJ's), then Swansea on Friday (Sin City), Weston-super-Mare on Saturday (Hobbit's). Looking forward to these & have heard good things about each venue.

A reminder also that we release our latest album on Rocksector Records in July. You'll have heard a few songs from the album on the tour so far. The title track "VR" is available now for free mp3 download at the band's website : www.furyuk.com.

The album is available for pre-order now, free delivery, at the following retailers :-




Thanks as always for the awesome support. The tour rolls on!


Fury UK

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