Friday, 22 May 2009

Update from the road

Can't believe it's a full 10 days since we last blogged! So much has happened & we've travelled so far in that time. Since the Mansfield show we've been to Newport & Swansea in South Wales, Weston-Super-Mare down in the south west of England, up north to Leeds & then Newcastle. Got to say although touring is generally full of highs & lows, the highs are dominating so far. We're having a bloody fantastic time, meeting new people, making new friends, especially in the south where we've not played too often before but equally at the Leeds & Newcastle shows where we've played before but now plenty of new faces.

The response has been awesome for us, we go home each night with cheesy smiles basically cos we're having such a good time & of course after each of our sets we get to rock out to Blaze Bayley's set which is quality!

To everyone at TJ's, Sin City, Hobbit's, Joseph's Well & last night at Trillians - THANK YOU!!!! Your comments & friendship at the shows, & messages afterwards are so much appreciated. YOU ROCK!!!! \m/

Next up it's :-

Thu. 28th May : Brickmakers, Norwich
Fri. 29th May : The Park, Peterborough
Sat. 30th May : Underworld, Camden

Please note the change of venue for the Norwich gig - no longer the Queen Charlotte, now the Brickmakers as above. Looking forward to all of these. It'll be a blast to play Camden on a Saturday - we've been to other venues in Camden during mid-week but a Saturday night at the Underworld is special for us.

We've added a 2nd London date on 19th June which is The Marlborough where we've been asked to headline a rock & metal festival. That's in SE London & proper details will be available very soon.

Don't forget we've also got the Bulldog Bash coming up in August, our 2nd year running there & all the more special for us as the 2 headliners for the weekend are Motorhead & UFO - long-standing heroes for us.

Hope to CYA out there at Norwich, Peterborough & Camden.


Fury UK


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