Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Carlisle show : 29th May

We're delighted to announce that we return to The Brickyard, Carlisle on Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May. More details to be confirmed soon but especially after a fantastic experience in Whitehaven last night, we're very much looking forward to a return to Cumbria. Thanks to everyone at Whitehaven, Nottingham & Leamington Spa on the Saxon tour so far. See you in Manchester tomorrow.


Fury UK


  1. Just wanted to say well done to the guys for an excellent show in whitehaven on monday night, first time i had heard any of their stuff and was mightily impressed, so glad you enjoyed your visit to my wonderful town, and good lck for the future guys, you were awesome!!

    Big Mac

  2. Big Mac... thanks for the excellent comments. We had an awesome show with you guys up there & hope to see you again before too long \m/

  3. partner and i saw you for the first time at whitehaven you were great bought the CD and have listened to it a couple of times since...love it! will be making sure we see you at carlisle..and hopefully one day at download!!!
    ps. as i said when i bought the cd..you were good to look at too...what a combination lol...Adie

  4. Hey Adrienne. Thank you for buying the CD, we are glad you enjoyed the show. We will see you at Carlisle. Thank you, we try and look our best haha.