Monday, 20 December 2010

Manchester & Dudley : we salute you!

Chris @ the 106.1 Rock Radio Party (thanks to Steve Brinkman for this photo)

Our final 2 shows of the year were the 106.1 Rock Radio Official Xmas Party which we headlined last Thursday in Manchester & the Big Bash on Saturday at Dudley JB's, headlined by Blaze Bayley.

A fantastic turnout of our local support in Manchester made for a great night in Manchester & at Dudley, despite truly horrendous snow & ice, a valiant effort by all resulted in an amazing night which made us proud to be metalheads, made even more impressive bearing in mind the rumours & difficulties at that venue which has long since been threatened with closure. As far as we know JB's continues but even if that was the last Big Bash at that venue, it was a fitting, committed & passionate night of metal & a credit to everyone involved.

Watch out for our review of 2010 coming up soon!


Fury UK

Blaze Bayley @ Dudley, JB's (thanks to Andrew Gloster for this photo)
Fury UK @ Dudley, JB's (thanks to Andrew Gloster for this photo)


  1. the jb's gig was an amazing show and an amazing night . The shear difficulty in getting to the venue made the night that much more intense. took me an hour from walsall i know it took people a lot longer . Blaze's truck got stuck on the car park and us fans helped him along. Many thanks for the great gigs this year guys and see you next year (saxon gig in wolves for me) .

  2. Thanks a lot for that, real pleasure to play at JBs, sorry to hear the place has closed now but proud to be one of the last bands to be there. Look forward to seeing you in Wolves in April \m/