Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Latest review....

"A Way Of Life" album review by James Allman at Bacon Music. We're liking the comments here where James seems to have really understood where we're coming from & what matters to us. Thanks James, this means a lot....

"This band are very proud of their metal roots, and show no shame in wearing their metal influences on their sleeves. The excellent ‘Saviour’ absolutely screams MEGADETH, whilst the catchiest track on the album ‘Show of Force’ would fit nicely on a METALLICA album. ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Athena’ show a good ability to mix up tempos, and seemlesly incorporate excellent time changes. The best song on the album is the magnificent 10 minute epic IRON MAIDEN style composition ‘The Remainder’. All what’s good about this band is nicely represented in this track. Good melodies, interesting lyrics, crunching riffs, and lead guitar wizardry to make you eat your heart out".

To read the full review go to Bacon Music


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