Saturday, 28 August 2010

The press has arrived!

Several reviews & features now through on the band & the new album. This includes full page features in the current issues of both Big Cheese & Powerplay magazines (Sept.2010 issues). Here's some extracts from all the recent coverage received so far, plus one or two earlier quotes. Big thanks go out to all writers/contributors....

"Jaw droppingly good production.. loud, crisp & beautifully balanced.. riffs & hooks galore.. the clean vocals come into their own during the big choruses.. top notch musicianship.. more than a hint of Megadeth" (A Way Of Life album review. Chris Van Souwe, Powerplay, issue 124/Sept2010)

"Fusing classic rock with a more contemporary edge" (taken from full page feature/interview. Chris Van Souwe, Powerplay, issue 124/Sept2010)

"They create something new & exciting out of what's gone before them, injecting their own fury into their rousing anthems & going for the throat" (taken from full page feature. Big Cheese, issue 126/Sept2010)

"Brilliant riffage.. spectacular vocals.. dynamic hooks & infectious material" (A Way Of Life album review. Andrew Sheppard, Big Cheese, issue 126/Sept2010)

"continue their own brand of hard hitting, classy & intelligent music. NWOBHM brought into the modern era. Vocally & musically Judas Priest spring to mind, such is the class exuded here. Like all the great bands Fury UK seem to have the ability to show their musical influences, yet meld them into their own unique vision. Another power metal masterclass. Intelligent, powerful, technical, melodic & fearless" (A Way Of Life album review. by Dave Evans, Midlands Rocks. Full review HERE)

"a belter of an album and highlights what Fury UK are all about" (A Way Of Life album review. Rob Dodgson, Room Thirteen. Full review HERE)

"Last year, in the Mayfair Mallzine end of year writers poll, I named Fury UK's 'VR' album as my album of the year. Now, just over a year since the release of that album, the band thrust the follow up 'A Way of Life' upon us. Can they possibly reclaim the top album crown again? Well, on the evidence of the material here, the answer is a resounding YES!.. The Dream Theater-esque 'Nemesis' is quite possibly the best track on the album, with a great uplifting chorus" (A Way Of Life album review. Dan Armstrong, Mayfair Mallzine. Full review HERE)

"An absolute winner from start to finish.. with killer riffs, powerful vocals and thunderous drum rolls" (A Way Of Life album review. Jenny Tate, Rhubarb Radio. Full review HERE)

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