Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Thank you SOS Festival

SOS Festival was absolutely amazing for us, we had a brilliant time with all the bands, all topped off by the emotionally-charged tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio on what would have been his birthday. Our version of "Heaven & Hell" from the Dio-era Black Sabbath album of the same name was performed with our usual line-up, plus Blaze Bayley on vocals, Fofi Roussos from 4Bitten on vocals, George Maroulis from 4Bitten on guitar & Rishi Mehta from Babylon Fire on guitar.

Huge thanks to Rocksector Records who put the festival together in association with Scan Computers & of course to the amazing crowd in attendance. \m/

It was also very cool for us to be able to include in our set 4 tracks from the new album "A Way Of Life".... "I See Red", "Fall From Grace", "Saviour" & "Nemesis" were each given an airing. Thanks so much for the awesome response. The album is due out on September 6th & will be available for pre-order from early-mid August at the likes of Play.com, Amazon.co.uk & HMV.com. It'll also be available for download from iTunes from release date.


Our thanks also to Manson Monroe Photography & Jaded Images for the above pictures.

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