Monday, 22 February 2010

Swindon & Wizzfest : thank you!

What a bloody great time we had at these gigs. Great bunch of people at Swindon, headed up by David Young, the gaffer at the 12 Bar, who always looks after us so well & gets an awesome sound. Our labelmates Nightvision who played an outstanding set. Everyone in the crowd, especially The Touts who were front row as always \m/

Then we were on to Belgium for Wizzfest where we were treated royally by our host Wizz, his partner Caroline & son Adri. Amongst the many people who welcomed us so well we should mention of course the band Wizzard & crew, including Ivan, Bart, Steve. Also Ela who travelled from Germany to see us, Jolanda who travelled from Netherlands, Hamdy & all at Metal-on-rock - can't wait to see the video footage! Again, of course, Nightvision who did the business on stage & partied very capably with us afterwards! Great event, so well run, great fun & well-attended. Recommended!!!!

Video footage as mentioned above is to come, plus plenty of photos we think!



  1. big compliments to you guys,what an outstanding and energetic live was a pleasure to see and hear you playing at the Wizz-fest,some people are born with music in their hearts and soul and your definetly one of those.i'm not sure if your aware of it but when your playing you can see the passion for your music in your eyes,again BIG compliments!
    hartelijke groetjes Jolanda(netherlands).

  2. I subscribe to Jolandas view in every detail. Thanks mates for this unforgettable show !!!! I enjoyed every minute of it, took me some time to get there, but it was worth the trouble. Hope to see you soon.
    Big hugs, Ela \m/ \m/ \m/