Sunday, 18 January 2009

Studio update : new album "VR"

Hi everyone. Incredibly this is the first chance we've been able to grab to update you on our progress in the studio. We started recording "VR" on 2nd January & apart from the occasional & customary technical glitch, we've successfully recorded the majority of parts for the 10 tracks.

We go back to the studio this coming week for around 4 days to hopefully complete our work then all will be ready for mixing & mastering. We're excited about the way the new songs developed in the studio & can't wait to get things properly ready for our planned release date at the beginning of May, hopefully more or less in time for the start of UK tour with Blaze Bayley.

It's strange to have no gigs currently but that's exactly as we planned it & we're enjoying the rest & just a few beers ;) Chris was seen last night at a couple of our favourite haunts (Grand Central & Hark To Towler) & we hear made a FULL night of it! Well done, mate!

More news soon.


Fury UK

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